a feast just wouldn’t be complete without something sweet…..gabrielle from cake coquette
created the most amazing red velvet wedding cake…..the design details on the cake were inspired
by some of the designs that viola had incorporated into the printed materials….& the color was
inspired by kiss the groom…the cake topper was the very crown i used on my wedding cake… 

we also had the most amazing wonderful fantastic chocolates….dennis from coco delice made some
rustic dark chocolate truffles to go along side the red velvet cake….i must confess, i do believe these
were the most delicious luscious truffles i have ever had….they were a perfect compliment to cake….


after a beautiful day of photography & secrets….we all sat down for a final discussion & indulged in
gabrielle’s beautiful red velvet cake….with coffee & smiles…as the rain gently fell from the sky….. 

may you someday soon have the pleasure of red velvet cake & dark chocolate truffles….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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the chefs at the kenwood inn created an amazing feast for the lovely attendees….


here’s the actual menu created by viola @ chewing the cud….each name was written by
hand at the top by xandra @ xyz ink…and the food, oh the food, was simply deliciouso…

my personal favorites were the whole sea bass & the goat cheese & beet salad


when we approached the table, everyone took turns taking photographs of the incredible decor
& fantastic spread….then i asked the attendees to put down their cameras & enjoy the feast…. 


sharing food is such an important part of weddings & life….boun appetito!

a little more sweetness...

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mary lynn is probably best know for her roll as “chloe o’brien” on the hit show “24…she’s also appeared in countless movies…recently in inde film “sunshine cleaning“…now she has been enjoying her most important roll yet, mother to a beautiful baby boy, valentine….mary lynn is so down to earth & so loving & natural with her young son….she is funny & talented….a truly special woman….mary lynn & her boyfriend, matthew welcomed me into their home to capture some of their family’s intimate moments…they are a lovely couple, in every way….and their son is just sooo completely adorable….

kiss & tell….

“It was our second date and it was hard to tell what he wanted or what he expected. I wanted to kiss him but only if he really wanted to kiss me. Then I started to question if it was even really a date. On our first date, or get together, you could call it, I had assumed that  we would have an affair & it would run it’s course.  That’s why I was surprised to be standing & wondering if we would even kiss. He walked me to my car, I hesitated ever so slightly, turned toward him. He quickly leaned into me, brushed his lips on my cheek. It was the best feeling I have ever had, so light, willing and full of promise, I felt my heart open a little wider. It was sweet, but it was much more, it was an indication of the possibility of an intimacy like I have never known.  Present, unconditional and unwavering.”

-mary lynn rajskub

mary lynn rajskub & the loves of her life, mathew & valentine live in southern california…matthew is a personal trainer & an amazing cook…their days are full of love, laughter & kisses….lots of kisses….


if you missed the season finale of “24” last night…you must try & watch a re-run…it was fantastic…& mary lynn was back as chloe helping jack bower…she is a simply wonderful mother & actress…

a little more sweetness...

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-myra (twigs & honey) 


twigs & honey creates the loveliest head pieces….i literally get a little weak in the knees when i see them….and wish i could figure a way to work them into my daily life….myra, the creator & owner of twigs & honey was gracious enough to send me a box full of hair adornments for a lovely workshop….

if i were getting married today…i would love to wear one of these pieces….they are simply stunning adornments….perhaps for my anniversary….or maybe for my morning cup of coffee…decisions decisions….thank you twigs & honey for your beauty & style….xoxo

dress by kirstie kelly couture….florals by end design

a little more sweetness...

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there are really no words to adequately describe the amazing visionary behind chewing the cud…..viola is a rare bird….super talented & infinitely creative….she was an intricate part of a lovely workshop…..and worked side by side with eden to create a stunning event, that was visually seamless….each workshop attendee received a beautiful welcome package, that was custom designed by viola….as guests sat down for breakfast, they each were greeted by the sweetest little canvas bag…on the outside viola had put “the kissing tree” graphic underneath the words “a lovely workshop”…inside was a little notebook & a pencil engraved with the words “a lovely workshop”….so lovely…


“cuddle with cider” bags are just one of chewing the cud’s unique creations…the little canvas bags are full of spices, just perfect to make your own cup of cider….they are so cute & clever….they make me want to cuddle with viola….in a very appropriate sweet way of course….she is a joy to be around….

we set up a series of lovely vignettes….as though it were a real wedding….one of my favorite vignettes was the love letters….viola hand made love letters & stained each one to make them look like vintage letters…they were stunning…and accented the vintage typewriter eden provided….many weddings have guest books or a wishing bowl, for good wishes for the bride & groom…we love the idea of guests writing love letters for a couple…such a sweet & new way to share your wedding blessings….

viola also took little phrases & ideas from kiss the groom….i love the way she personalized every detail to reflect my own personal style….imagine how she could personalize your wedding….i wish i could put her creativity in a bottle & open it when ever i need a little inspiration….chewing the cud is simply delicious….viola is a creative visionary….an amazing invitation designer & so much more…

a little more sweetness...

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this lovely girl was the model for a lovely workshop….wearing a skirt from kirstie kelley….
hair piece by leah c….angel wings found by eden…..hair by elise 707.254 5050 & makeup
by darcy 707.815.9097….the lovely girl is in this image is simply a beautiful fallen angel….

a little more sweetness...

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eden is the beautiful & talented woman behind the socially conscious eco friendly green & simply amazing design company END DESIGN….i was blessed to have her as the designer for the lovely napa workshop…..she & i spent months on the phone planning & discussing every detail of the workshop….she is simply a creative genius…i felt as though she stepped inside my head & made my dreams come true….eden created the most lovely garden of eden….and was so gracious and kind….

eden explored countless antique stores to collect the amazing array of decor….from a three foot tall statue of the virgin mary….bird cages…an antique type writer….a gorgeous vintage green velvet couch….a stone bird bath….a sixteen foot feast table hand made just for the workshop….stunning florals….mercury glass vases & candle holders….and countless other beautiful antiques & details…she did everything with such grace…her long blond hair & infectious laugh followed her every where she went….she created such amazingly beautiful decor….she is truly lovely…such a talented designer…it’s perfect that her name is eden…she is a  walking garden…


END DESIGN is a california based company….and was named one of the best florists in the country by elegant bride magazine….eden has an incredible team & they literally create magic….all the while being an environmentally aware green design company…it was such an honor to have eden be part of a lovely workshop…..her creativity is equal to her loveliness….for more info visit END DESIN…..

wishing everyone a lovely day….may rain caress your cheeks in your very own garden of eden….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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