A Natural Woman
Carole King

Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel uninspired
And when I knew I had to face another day
Lord, it made me feel so tired
Before the day I met you, life was so unkind
But your love was the key to peace my mind

Cause you make me feel, you make me feel,
you make me feel like
A natural woman

When my soul was in the lost-and-found
You came along to claim it
I didn’t know just what was wrong with me
Till your kiss helped me name it
Now I’m no longer doubtful of what I’m living for
Cause if I make you happy I don’t need no more

Oh, baby, what you’ve done to me
You make me feel so good inside
And I just want to be close to you
You make me fell so alive

a little more sweetness...

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many of you already know that i have a deep & profound love for chocolate & when i discover a new type, i just have to share…..NEWTREE chocolate is made by an amazing company that unites the science of chocolate making with art & romance….they create natural & unique combinations to fit your ever changing moods & chocolate needs….TRANQUILITY is a lavender infused chocolate…..


SEXY is infused with ginger….every emotion has a chocolate flavor equivalent….all the bars are %100 belgian chocolate….the NEWTREE entrepreneurs travel the world searching for surprising yet delicate flavors & ingredients with healthy benefits….their innovative creations are as nutritious as they are delicious…..my personal favorite is pure dark chocolate, appropriately named PLEASURE….

if you are having a hard time deciding what mood you are in or what flavor will best fit your pallet you can get an assortment of little boxes….each little box contains three mini bars of chocolate….perfect for any moods or taste buds….perfect favors for your wedding guests….chocolate lovers unite…xoxo

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bridemaids are our sisters, our best friends, our fiance’s cousins….they are the lovely women who help us navigate our weddings & all that is involved… these are the women that help you get into your dress & stay up late at night reminiscing over days gone by…so choose carefully…be sure to surround yourself with woman who love  & support you…& who bring joy & peace to your wedding day….

a little more sweetness...

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anthony messina was an incredible violinist & an italian gentleman & the most wonderful grandfather.


my grandmother & grandfather were married for sixty years….after my grandmother passed away, anthony was set up on a blind date with mae through his church….a couple of years later mae & anthony were married in new mexico…it was such a honor to photograph my grandfather’s wedding and this very sweet and intimate part of my family’s lives….you are never too old to fall in love….


this beautiful wedding was featured in martha stewart weddings several years ago…and will be a feature on junebug very soon…so keep an eye out….junebug will be showing many more images….


my grandfather is no longer with us…these photos will always be near & dear to my heart…
love is limitless…..xoxoxo

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kara corridan is an incredible woman….she is the executive editor of both elegant bride magazine & modern bride magazine….she is also the mother of two beautiful little girls, julia & lila….somehow she manages to balance her demanding work schedule & motherhood….and does so with such grace….kara comes from a large loving family….perhaps its the close bond she has with her four sisters, that keeps her in good spirits…she seems to always have a smile on her face…how lucky her little girls are to have her….it is with great joy, i share these beautiful images of julia, kara’s oldest daughter….as well as beautiful kiss & tell, through the eyes of an amazing & inspirational mother….


kiss & tell….

“Both times I called my mom to tell her that the child I had just given birth to was a girl, she said the same thing: “I’m so glad you have a daughter.” I’m one of four sisters, so I know the bond my girls will have as they get older. And I hope that Julia, now 3 1/2, and Lila, 7 months, will always show me the sweet affection they do now. Julia’s got a seriously independent streak but still loves her “snuggle time.” These days she’s taken to crawling into bed with me, after my husband leaves for work and before my alarm goes off. She tries to lie quietly, but after a few seconds starts stroking my cheek. (She’s got a very delicate touch for a 3-year-old.) Then she leans in for a kiss, and my day begins. ”

-kara corridan

love your daughters…love your mothers…love yourself….xoxoxo

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a lovely workshop
would not have been possible without the tenacious efforts of rosemary….she was the lovely little string that held all of our creative ideas together…..her natural attention to detail was a wonderful addition to the planning of our day….a good event planner is so very important….

rosemary made detailed timelines for myself & all of the collaborators….these timelines allowed me to focus on the beauty & creative aspects of the day…her organization was such a blessing….a gift….


as a lovely workshop evolved rosemary was there every step of the way…she was amazing…..



i am so thankful for the tireless efforts rosemary made and realize how vital an event planner is for any event or wedding…there are so many variables…so many unpredictable elements….its wonderful to have someone to focus on the practical necessities….so that i could focus on the attendees & making beautiful images….and so you can focus on getting married & enjoying your beautiful family….


thank you rosemary….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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family heirlooms are lovely treasures….full of history & meaning….there are some things that are passed down from generation to generation that have indescribable beauty….i love this doll….it belonged to the little girls grandmother….not only will the doll continue to be an important part of her family’s history as she grows up….but now, so will this photograph….life is sweet & beautiful….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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a feast just wouldn’t be complete without something sweet…..gabrielle from cake coquette
created the most amazing red velvet wedding cake…..the design details on the cake were inspired
by some of the designs that viola had incorporated into the printed materials….& the color was
inspired by kiss the groom…the cake topper was the very crown i used on my wedding cake… 

we also had the most amazing wonderful fantastic chocolates….dennis from coco delice made some
rustic dark chocolate truffles to go along side the red velvet cake….i must confess, i do believe these
were the most delicious luscious truffles i have ever had….they were a perfect compliment to cake….


after a beautiful day of photography & secrets….we all sat down for a final discussion & indulged in
gabrielle’s beautiful red velvet cake….with coffee & smiles…as the rain gently fell from the sky….. 

may you someday soon have the pleasure of red velvet cake & dark chocolate truffles….xoxo

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