is a truly amazing stationary company
i was so honored to have betsy white design
the beautiful kissing counter, that keeps count
of every kiss under the kissing tree…. 


gia graham is the founder & creative genius behind betsy white
 her company creates such clean & fresh designs….i am particularly
in love with the wedding logos….a couple can choose from a wide
array of designs on betsy white’s website & have a beautiful graphic
to represent their entire wedding…such a cute idea….here are a few
personal words from gia graham about her lovely company…..

So who’s Betsy White?
I actually don’t know anyone named Betsy. betsywhite is a word that sprung from old Barbadian dialect (that’s where I’m from – Barbados). It refers to the song of the local black bird, which sounds a heckuva lot like “betsywhite” (at least when Bajans say it!).
What’s Betsy White all about?
We’re all about offering brides stylish stationery options they can actually afford.
A little bit about me…
My name is Gia. I’m really short (5’), I can’t sing, I suck at math and I’m not a very good swimmer (despite growing up on an island and spending countless hours on the beach). I am however, a pretty decent designer….and I can organize the heck out of just about any space (The Container Store = Disney World in my book).

here are some of betsy white’s lovely designs…..


My kiss & tell tale…
I’ve been married for almost 8 years and my hubby’s smooches just keep getting sweeter! They make me smile, they give me energy, they keep me grounded and make me want to fly. When it comes to kisses, I say go for quality AND quantity!

-Gia Graham @ Betsy White

a little more sweetness...

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most of you know how i adore viola from chewing the cud….i just had to show some more of her fantastic artistry….she is as clever as she is creative….check out her original cards….my favorite of her innovative cards are “i wheelie like you” and “let’s ketchup”…so lovely & sweet & original…..


if you are in need of invitations, seriously clever cards or just a little inspiration visit chewing the cud



a little more sweetness...

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there are really no words to adequately describe the amazing visionary behind chewing the cud…..viola is a rare bird….super talented & infinitely creative….she was an intricate part of a lovely workshop…..and worked side by side with eden to create a stunning event, that was visually seamless….each workshop attendee received a beautiful welcome package, that was custom designed by viola….as guests sat down for breakfast, they each were greeted by the sweetest little canvas bag…on the outside viola had put “the kissing tree” graphic underneath the words “a lovely workshop”…inside was a little notebook & a pencil engraved with the words “a lovely workshop”….so lovely…


“cuddle with cider” bags are just one of chewing the cud’s unique creations…the little canvas bags are full of spices, just perfect to make your own cup of cider….they are so cute & clever….they make me want to cuddle with viola….in a very appropriate sweet way of course….she is a joy to be around….

we set up a series of lovely vignettes….as though it were a real wedding….one of my favorite vignettes was the love letters….viola hand made love letters & stained each one to make them look like vintage letters…they were stunning…and accented the vintage typewriter eden provided….many weddings have guest books or a wishing bowl, for good wishes for the bride & groom…we love the idea of guests writing love letters for a couple…such a sweet & new way to share your wedding blessings….

viola also took little phrases & ideas from kiss the groom….i love the way she personalized every detail to reflect my own personal style….imagine how she could personalize your wedding….i wish i could put her creativity in a bottle & open it when ever i need a little inspiration….chewing the cud is simply delicious….viola is a creative visionary….an amazing invitation designer & so much more…

a little more sweetness...

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Grace Connell is the most amazingly talented calligrapher…..
she is an artist…her work is breathtaking…from the hand-painted flowers that she
meticulously creates one by one….from invitations, to save the date cards, to the most
beautiful hand-painted maps of your destination….her work is one of a kind…..

graceand i am not the only one who thinks so…her beautiful calligraphy has graced
the cover of martha stewart weddings several times….if you have not ordered your
invitations yet, be sure to look at grace connell’s beautiful designs…

a little more sweetness...

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