man + woman + chateau + flower = true love


kiss & tell (she said)….

“I remember our first kiss feeling like it was such a long time in the making…  I was dying for it, I wanted him to kiss me so badly! It was the end of our first real date and I felt like I had to have it happen, right then… I turned around and he surprised me by grabbing my face and kissing me, it was perfect… I melted… “


kiss & tell (he said)….

“I remember wanting to kiss her lips from the moment she burst into the room. I love their shape! Our first kiss was at the end of our first real date, after weeks of flirting at work, and a few group dates…  I felt like everything was in slow motion. I thought if I didn’t kiss her now, I would not get another chance! It was not like me to do this, I am not a first move guy. I grabbed her face and finally got to kiss those beautiful lips of hers!”


this beautiful couple (adam & kim) were married (at the same chateau that will host the LOVELY france workshop) several years ago & their love is still going strong….they are both wonderful photographers & kim is one of the founders of JUNEBUG weddings (one of the sponsors of A LOVELY WORKSHOP)….it was a pleasure to capture their genuine affection for each other…


these lovely images were taken on the grounds in front of the chateau….now certainly you don’t NEED a flower, or the perfect little white dress, or even a french chateau to make beautiful photographs…but it sure doesn’t hurt;)….may your days be full of flowers & your nights be full of….



a little more sweetness...

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there is something so sweet about an engagement…the thrill of knowing something wonderful is around the corner….the moment before the rest of your lives as husband & wife…its a wonderful time to document…so much love & anticipation….whether you have engagement portraits taken by a professional or by your mother in law to be or a friend….take photos….lots & lots of photos….xoxoxo

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so you are engaged….congratulations!!!!

he asked (or you asked)…any the answer was yes….YES!!! while you are basking in your lovely happiness…consider having engagement photos taken…. everyone knows how important & special your wedding day photos will be…but there is also something so unique & wonderful about the time after you’ve gotten engaged & before you say i do….engagement portraits can capture a more day to day side of you, a little more casual, a little more playful…photographs you will cherish….

so smile & kiss the love of your life…xoxo






a little more sweetness...

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