a year ago over a lovely breakfast JOEL & JOSE
asked me to be their wedding photographer…

i was so touched that they would want me to document their nuptials…
to be honest, i was a bit nervous…i felt such a responsibility to capture
the beauty of another photographer’s & film-maker’s celebration…

soooo, i suggested that we do an engagement session….

although we knew one another & had great mutual respect for each other…i
felt it was important that the rapport between us, translated well in images…..

JOSE & JOEL were absolutely gracious every step of the way….

they let me, and even encouraged me to just shoot as i like…
never giving direction & always open to any suggestion i had….

we photographed both in their home & in the
beautiful countryside near where they reside….

it was an absolutely gorgeous day….

we laughed…we photographed…..

i was deeply moved by their genuine love & affection….

spending this time together was valuable to all of us…i
think it created an ease & comfort level between us, that truly
resonated into the photographs of their wedding day….

as much as i’d like to share JOEL & JOSE’s wedding images….
their wedding is slated to run in a national magazine in 2012….
(so they must remain private until publication)

it was such a pleasure & an honor to be part of their beautiful love story…

i was so touched by this lovely thank you note  i
received from JOSE & JOEL i simply had to share…


dearest elizabeth,

we haven’t had the opportunity to write you a proper email because it’s so hard to find the words to describe how grateful and fortunate we feel for having you create such beautiful memories for us. the truth is that we never imagined the emotions that would take over every time we see our beautiful photos, they are better than anything we could have ever imagined…we’ve tried writing this email before… tears and all but no words in the american dictionary could ever describe our internal feelings of gratitude and appreciation for what you have created and captured for us.

we’ve been together for almost 8 years and we had never been photographed before so we were nervous about facing our image on film. jose proposed first in mazatlan mexico,one of our first getaways together and joel proposed a year later, we enjoyed our engagement for 3 years. the duration of being engaged for so long was a beautiful part of our relationship and we enjoyed every bit of it, we experienced more and learned more about each other in that time than ever before. looking at all our photographs brings back so many happy emotions from 8 years of life together.

when we first got engaged there was no doubt you elizabeth messina would capture our memories, it sounds funny but we would even have dreams about the actual emotions we would feel after receiving the photos and i have to say that the dream was probably a prepping of many tears of joy after receiving the first batch of engagement photographs in our hands, prints, all on FILM. elizabeth when you hand delivered these to us at our rehearsal dinner, we didn’t even want to join everyone, we just wanted to sit and see all of our photos. how could someone see our love in this way? how could someone capture our emotions and love so perfect? elizabeth when you stepped out of the room we unwrapped more and more of our photos batch per bath and could not believe our eyes, we hugged and cried.

thank you elizabeth for making this experience for us simple, and about us. we will never be able to thank you enough. we can’t wait to start a family and have you capture us as a whole.

we love you,
jose & joel


to see more of their engagement check out
the always inspirational STYLE ME PRETTY

love is beautiful….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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kathryn of SNIPPET & INK is getting ready to marry the love of her life, ryan

so on a recent trip to napa i had the pleasure of photographing these sweeties

the day we spent on a st. helena vineyard was magical…the incredibly
talented LAURIE ARONS was our amazing stylist for the entire day…

kathryn & ryan are made for each other…

there was such tenderness & kindness between them….& when
they weren’t laughing they were kissing…seriously sweet….

kiss & tell….

kathryn remembers their 1st kiss…..

“We met for the first time in May 2006….he asked for my phone number and…….never called!!!
I did somehow end up with the hat he’d been wearing that night (there may have been a little bit
of drinking involved-enough said)….anyhow, 4 months later we randomly bumped into each other
again….his friend pointed me out to him & said ‘isn’t that the girl who took your hat?’ Ryan & I
talked all night…we danced & had a wonderful time…then he tried to kiss me on the dance floor…
I pulled back & said, “you have to buy me dinner first’….so a week later after a beautiful full day in
Memphis….site seeing…dinner…so, he’s dropping me off and making absolutely no attempt to kiss
me, no gesture of interest , nothing….so I looked at him & said ‘you can kiss me now’…and he did,
and the rest as they say is history….”

these two were made to kiss each other….

LAURIE ARONS made the most beautiful lunch for kathryn & ryan…go check
out her lovely blog for the menu & recipes….laurie is so talented & gracious….

the PERFECT ENDING was this perfect miniature wedding cake…

after cake, the love birds changed clothes & we headed into the vineyard….

it took incredible restraint for me to edit these photos….there were sooooo many good
ones…seriously i do not think kathryn can take a bad photo & ryan’s not bad either;)

the heart is a recent find of mine…i though was perfect for them…..

this is just the beautiful beginning….

i cannot wait for their wedding day…xoxo

to see more of this sweet engagement shoot visit;

a little more sweetness...

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the sweetest couple ever & a picnic…..

here’s what you need to create your own lovely picnic…
1st….fall in love 
2nd…create the most adorable baby ever 
3rd….go to france
4th…have EDEN set up a lovely picnic for you
and voila…there you have it….. 

all joking aside…erin & jack & their beautiful son isaac spent the week in france with A LOVELY WORKSHOP….erin is an amazingly talented HAIR & MAKEUP artist…check out her work HERE…..

and lucky for us…this beautiful family is migrating to california….soooo…..

ladies, if you are on the west coast & in need a HAIR & MAKEUP goddess…..

ERIN SKIPLEY is simply amazing & lovely in every way….

hope you are all enjoying the last precious days of summer….

break out your bike, pack a basket & have a pincic….

with the one you love….


a little more sweetness...

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