ELIZABETH COLLING trained as a pastry chef in PARIS &
has been a FOOD EDITOR at MARTHA STEWART for 4 years –
simply put, she is DELICIOUS – lucky for us she has left the BIG APPLE
& relocated in my beautiful back yard (aka: SANTA BARBARA) – she is
hosting a lovely intimate chocolate boutique/pop up shop just in time for


you can sample scrumptious chocolate confections yourself or
bring a little sweetness home for the one your love – an array of
mouthwatering delights will be available on




– run do not walk as i plan to eat most of her confections myself –
if you want to be sure there is something sweet waiting for you,
you may pre-order & reserve your confections by contacting
& she will accommodate advance orders

here are some of the CONFECTIONS that will
be available at ELIZABETH’s boutique


to see some of her beautiful creations stop by SNIPPET & INK today

a little more sweetness...

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as the holiday weekend draws near, i have been dreaming of sweet things…as a working mama, i am oh so busy….so when ever i get the chance, (a la holidays and such) I LOVE to spoil my children…this easter i am thinking beautiful jars full of  beautiful things to eat…i have been spending my evenings scouring the WILLIAMS-SONOMA website & look what i found…i am crushing on these jars & vase & natural baskets & oh the chocolates….i want to surprise my children with a kitchen full of sweetness….the only rule in our house is simple = mama must photograph them first…

since i am feeling so inspired by spring & the sweetness to come in our house this weekend…..i thought i’d share a little sweetness with you….i am happy to announce that one lucky someone is going to win a $150 gift card from WILLIAMS-SONOMA… here is the 411


1. you must register with WILLIAM-SONOMA to enter the giveaway…. if you already
registered with WILLIAMS-SONOMA, you can add another item to their registry to
enter the giveaway & include this item in your comment.

2. you must leave a comment here & let me know you have registered
on WILLIAMS-WONOMA &/or tell me your favorite registry item.

3. you can receive an extra entry if you include your public registry link in the comment

4. i will announce the winner one week from today, so cross your fingers…xoxo


here is a little secret we do in our house to cut down on the sugar mania…we cook a yummy healthy brunch & dinner on easter sunday….and the kids must eat all their vegetables before they dive into their chocolates….this makes me feel like i am being a good mama….and their little tummies can’t handle too many sweets on a full belly….try this in your house….check out this beautiful copper pot i am coveting…i just think anything i cook would taste better in something so pretty….

tell me what you love….xoxo


enter the WILLIAMS-SONOMA $150 giveaway

a little more sweetness...

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DELYSIA makes the most amazing parisian style artisan truffles…each flavor is preservative-free and created with the utmost care and attention to detail…..they offer over 60 flavors, from the classic milk or dark chocolate to the unique curry or honey….i have not yet tried every flavor, but i intend to…seriosly these truffles are delicious little works of art….and i was lucky enough to have DELYSIA as an official sponsor of A LOVELY WORKSHOP in france…which meant that every attendee & collaborator got to enjoy some of these lovely melt in your mouth truffles…it’s with bittersweet

generosity that i’m now giving away my last 3 boxes to 3 lucky chocolate lovers…

we all need a little sweetness in our lives…..

NICOLE owner & creator of DELYSIA is a loving mother & chocolate entrepreneur…

“Delysia Chocolatier was launched in late 2008, but our first truffles were created in December 2006 when I was eight months pregnant with Sebastien.  Exhausted and too tired for holiday shopping, I made truffles as gifts for our family and friends.  (Sebastien was born a few days later, four weeks early.)

My first truffle flavors were hazelnut, peanut butter, and mint.  Much to my surprise, they were delicious!  I found myself making them for every holiday, birthday party, and potluck dinner.  With my loving husband’s encouragement, we slowly created a business.

In April 2009, when I was four month pregnant with Colin, I was laid off from my full time job as an industrial/quality engineer.  I was devastated.  I loved being an engineer.  But life had determined a different path for me.  I needed to focus on what was important – our family and my ‘dream’ to grow my chocolate truffle business.  In May 2009, Delysia Chocolatier became a full time venture.”


DELYSIA also partners with vineyards to create unique truffles with their wines….which could be a wonderful addition to a winery wedding…or you could just hang out in your backyard & eat truffles right out of the box, just saying…i feel its important to mention here, chocolate is good for your soul….so i am inviting you to join my love affair with DELYSIA chocolate truffles…that right, simply leave a comment & i will pick three lucky winners next week….good luck ladies and…..

bon apetite….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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so many people contacted me about going to the france workshop…but there were precious few spots….so i thought it would be sweet to share a little of the experience with a lucky someone…

the swag includes…a one of a kind lovely workshop tote…designed by the one & only VIOLA of CHEWING THE CUD….the winner will also receive one of VIOLA’s beautiful give luck wraps….some absolutely adorable cards created by ICING DESIGNS….you must check out there sweet designs….i am smitten with their adorable little cake cards…there will be another giveaway from ICING DESIGNS in the coming weeks too….and not only will the winner receive the stunning TWIGS & HONEY head piece but also a bottle of the newly released perfume RUMPLEDCAKE created by myra of TWIGS & HONEY….and a beeswax candle courtesy of LEAH MACDONALD from BLISS BOOKS….plus a variety of little goodies & treats….magazines…absolutely amazing handmade chocolate truffles by DELYSIA CHOCOLATIER…..most people know how much a love signs…so i am also including these amazing black signs made by XANDRA ZAMORA….the tote is full of everything the workshop attendees received plus more….so close your eyes, cross your fingers and your toes …..xoxoxoxoxo

i love how these sweet signs look like little chalkboards…

i’ll pick a lovely winner next week….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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what do you do when you are away from home, spending time
with friends in a french chateau on your birthday? you simply
must have a homemade chocolate cake & celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in a sweet green frock (this one is a BETSEY JOHNSON design)….

and you must kiss the one you love….alot

Happy Birthday To Beautiful KIM!

“Nous te souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire
Nos voeux de bonheur profonds et sincères
Beaucoup d’amour et une santé de fer
Un joyeux anniversaire

Nous te souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire
Pour que t’aies tout bon pour l’année entière
La réussite et la joie que tu espères
Un joyeux anniversaire”

a birthday celebration in france is….

simply wonderful….

    Joyeux anniversaire !

a little more sweetness...

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may your sunday be full of simple pleasures….in our house
 a cup of tea on a cloudy day always brings smiles….pair it with
a slice of homemade cake….mmmm…..simply delicious…..

another perfect pair….
happy sunday….

a little more sweetness...

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many of you already know that i have a deep & profound love for chocolate & when i discover a new type, i just have to share…..NEWTREE chocolate is made by an amazing company that unites the science of chocolate making with art & romance….they create natural & unique combinations to fit your ever changing moods & chocolate needs….TRANQUILITY is a lavender infused chocolate…..


SEXY is infused with ginger….every emotion has a chocolate flavor equivalent….all the bars are %100 belgian chocolate….the NEWTREE entrepreneurs travel the world searching for surprising yet delicate flavors & ingredients with healthy benefits….their innovative creations are as nutritious as they are delicious…..my personal favorite is pure dark chocolate, appropriately named PLEASURE….

if you are having a hard time deciding what mood you are in or what flavor will best fit your pallet you can get an assortment of little boxes….each little box contains three mini bars of chocolate….perfect for any moods or taste buds….perfect favors for your wedding guests….chocolate lovers unite…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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a feast just wouldn’t be complete without something sweet…..gabrielle from cake coquette
created the most amazing red velvet wedding cake…..the design details on the cake were inspired
by some of the designs that viola had incorporated into the printed materials….& the color was
inspired by kiss the groom…the cake topper was the very crown i used on my wedding cake… 

we also had the most amazing wonderful fantastic chocolates….dennis from coco delice made some
rustic dark chocolate truffles to go along side the red velvet cake….i must confess, i do believe these
were the most delicious luscious truffles i have ever had….they were a perfect compliment to cake….


after a beautiful day of photography & secrets….we all sat down for a final discussion & indulged in
gabrielle’s beautiful red velvet cake….with coffee & smiles…as the rain gently fell from the sky….. 

may you someday soon have the pleasure of red velvet cake & dark chocolate truffles….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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chocolatei LOVE chocolate….in a way that really defies words….these delicious truffles were made by the amazing jessica foster….she also made hundreds of them for my wedding….which i highly recommend…chocolate truffles make a wonderful pairing with any wedding cake…and all your chocolate loving friends will be so grateful…did i mention, i LOVE chocolate….bon appetite!!

a little more sweetness...

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