how did this happen?

one minute i was cradling a perfect baby boy…..

and the next i find looking into the eyes of a little man….

he is through & through a boy….fiercely independent & strong….and yet oh so sensitive (i apologize my little son, for i think you got that from me)…he is surrounded by women, his sisters and myself…and is not always tolerant of our feminine ways….he insists i kiss & hug him way too much, and yet he melts into my arms every evening & still absently reaches for a single strand of my hair for comfort…..

in my heart he is still a baby boy….

and yet he keeps reminding me he’s not a baby….

so i try to let him go a little….

and yet when he sleeps he is, as ever my baby boy….

and so it goes on…he grows & changes….he is intelligent & funny…and soooo intense…believe me he gets his fair share of time outs….and yet i admire him…his little body full of grown up emotions….

i feel so lucky to be his mama….

and cannot wait to meet the man he’ll become….


a little more sweetness...

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this lovely wedding truly touched my heart in every way….

the details were absolutely stunning….

gio & sky are the sweetest love birds ever….

and mr LOUBOUTIN you have my heart…

the decor & details beautifully created by DUET WEDDINGS….

one of a kind head couture piece by TWIGS & HONEY

seriously sweet….

please go see MARTHA STEWART’S adorable site to see more…


a little more sweetness...

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look at these sweet little flags (perfect for cupcakes) that the girls at ICING DESIGNS made for me…i adore them…they are ideal for a wedding reception, birthday party or just a cool way to show your images….they have a lovely little etsy store HERE where you can check out all of their original lovely & sweet ideas…may your day be full of sweetness & cupcakes & ICING DESIGNS….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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i am heartbroken & overjoyed…my daughter…my sweet little girl is thirteen years old…i feel i might burst with pride….she is lovelier than i could ever imagine…she makes thirteen so beautiful, i hardly recognize it….for me thirteen was a blur of awkward shyness…she is a gazelle….lanky & tall…taller than me, although i won’t admit it it….her eyes are still the perfect shade of gray…the color of dreams & unspeakable beauty….she has the body of a woman & the soul of a child….she is till so sweet & even allows me to fawn all over her with hugs & kisses & motherly advice….she’s tolerant….and yet strong…althletic & agile….her sweetness is so disarming….the rare times she shows just a hint of teenage attitude, i secretly smile because its so rare….it’s as if she’s trying on a pair of shoes & seeing if they fit…..i can chase that attitude away with a wink or a smile in her direction…i like to remind her that it’s cool to be close with your parents, so far she’s buying it…….luckily she still likes to wear the sweet shoes….i worry about the boys who will hurt her heart but lately i’ve been starting to worry about the hearts she’s going to slay by merely walking in the room…i pray that she knows her worth…that she recognizes her dreams & chases them with all her might….i hope her teenage years will be gentle with her & that she will emerge unscathed & peaceful…i will continue to stand on the sidelines….silently cheering her on & ready to wrap my arms around her if she need a little support…who knew thirteen could be so incredibly beautiful….i am in awe of her extraodinary loveliness…

happy birthday mykela sophia messina moore!

a little more sweetness...

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what do you do when you are away from home, spending time
with friends in a french chateau on your birthday? you simply
must have a homemade chocolate cake & celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in a sweet green frock (this one is a BETSEY JOHNSON design)….

and you must kiss the one you love….alot

Happy Birthday To Beautiful KIM!

“Nous te souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire
Nos voeux de bonheur profonds et sincères
Beaucoup d’amour et une santé de fer
Un joyeux anniversaire

Nous te souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire
Pour que t’aies tout bon pour l’année entière
La réussite et la joie que tu espères
Un joyeux anniversaire”

a birthday celebration in france is….

simply wonderful….

    Joyeux anniversaire !

a little more sweetness...

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this beautiful engagement shoot has been featured on STYLE ME PRETTY & BE INSPIRED…but i wanted to show some more of these lovely images & share some of the behind the scenes details that inspired this beautiful photo shoot, leila & tony are an adorable couple….full of love & tenderness…

when leila & began discussing plans for their engagement shoot, i encouraged her to think of some ideas that were close to her heart…that we could create a stylized photo shoot that honored their relationship….well, leila teamed up with her friend & very talented designed, CARISSA to create the sweetest flower stand ever….to see more of carissa’s beautiful work check out her site JL DESIGNS….

as a surprise for leila & tony, i asked my good friend liane of SANTA BARBARA WEDDING & MONTECITO CONFECTIONS to create this sweet green cake…i have become a little obssessed with having cakes at portrait shoots…maybe its my sweet tooth….i also found this sweet INSPIRE sign that i thought was a a perfect sign for leila & tony….leila’s site BE INSPIRED is full of inspiring ideas…..

i also travel with many prop…you never know when a hat or a crown will come
in handy…i love how old fashioned & sweet my hat is with their outfits….

leila & carissa literally built the flower stand from scratch…and yes its truly lovely & original…but what moved my the most about the flower stand idea, was that it was very close to leila’s heart….it was a tribute to leila’s mother, who suffers from a rare illness….leila’s beautiful thoughts about her mother touched my heart…

that’s the most amazing part of this shoot…its so lovely because
it’s so authentic & is a creation out of & in honor of love….

everything, from the beautiful flowers carissa chose to the sweet floral jumper leila wore was perfect….

the entire shoot was at the stunning DOS PUEBLOS RANCH….many thanks to TRICIA FOUNTAINE who was a wonderful help & is managing the RANCH which not only was the location for the amazing fairy shoot last year (that is featured in the current issue of SANTA BARBARA MAGAZINE)….DOS PUEBLOS RANCH is available both for photo shoots & weddings & other celebrations….

we spent a wonderful afternoon, exploring the property & making photographs

leila & tony were made for each other…they are such a sweet couple….

peace . blessings . love . marraige

and flowers…lots of flowers….

and kisses…lots & lots of kisses….

congratulations leila & tony….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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lately, i’ve been obsessed with little cakes….i love the idea of a miniature wedding (or not so miniature) cake just for you & your hubby….i’ve been using them alot lately in photo shoots….something sweet just for you & the one you love….in fact, on my wedding anniversary last year, i had the baker who created our wedding cake make a smaller version of it for us to celebrate with….it was romantic & our children loved it…food for thought, literally….have a very sweet day.


a little more sweetness...

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