messina cover_posthonored to have co-authored THE SILVER LINING, a heartfelt & inspiring book with my beautiful & talented friend HOLLYE JACOBS – a couple of years ago i began photographing HOLLYE as she was navigating the challenges of her breast cancer diagnosis & subsequent treatment – i wanted to do something for her, but i felt helpless- i offered to photograph her as a gesture of friendship – i hoped that i could somehow capture her memories, honor her experiences, and show her how truly beautiful she was in the most unlikely circumstances – i wanted to somehow ease the intensity of the challenges she faced, from chemotherapy to her double mastectomy, to a cup of tea & a good cry, i was there camera in hand – i approached our shoots with the same tenderness i’d bring to a newborn shoot, and with the same enthusiasm i would at a wedding or editorial shoot – the only images i’d ever seen of a mastectomy were clinical (& to add insult to inury,  with bad light) – i wanted to capture the reality of what her body was going through with an artful eye, beautiful light, film and friendship – all the while HOLLYE wrote on her personal blog to keep friends and family apprised of her experiences along the way – her blog THE SILVER PEN went viral – HOLLYE’s story is also a regular feature on THE HUFFINGTON POST – i shared some of these personal images 2 years ago at my WPPI platform presentation (which left many people in tears) – HOLLYE & i were both surprised by the impact our personal project had on those we did not know  – in addition to HOLLYE’s personal story & our photographs, this book is full of practical & relevant information – HOLLYE is a nurse and an educator with extensive knowledge (she is a Pediatric and Adult Palliative Care Nurse and Social Worker with graduate degrees in Bioethics and Child Development) – THE SILVER LINING is our book, part memoir, part practical information with a melange of beautiful photographs and inspiration – what began as a personal project between friends we are now sharing with the world – THE SILVER LINING is for anyone who has been touched by BREAST CANCER

THE SILVER LINING is available for pre-order now &
will be out in hardback & paper back in march 2014

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 14-2013 , 12:20PM
    Ordered! What a beautiful gift to share with the world. Thank you a million times over to the both of you! xoxo Christa
  2. Oct 30-2013 , 03:17PM
    Elizabeth, What a thoughtful and comforting way to help your friend. I'm sure that seeing herself in such a beautiful light, through a not so beautiful time, was a true gift; as this book would be to anyone going through such a challenging and scary diagnosis.
  3. Sara:
    Nov 27-2013 , 02:18PM
    " i approached our shoots with the same tenderness i’d bring to a newborn shoot, and with the same enthusiasm i would at a wedding or editorial shoot" This line really got to me. You are more than a photographer who takes pictures but tells stories and effects change too. The battle against cancer is a long and painful one. Coming from someone who has lost a couple of family members from cancer and is also at risk of getting one at one point in my life, I appreciate it that there are people like you who use their high paying craft to advocate cancer awareness --- all for a friend and everyone else. Congratulations on the book and I wish your friend well.
  4. Dec 05-2013 , 02:13AM
    This was a amazing gift for your friend .I think this is a great work by side of you.You are a fast friend. Hope everybody Inspired with you thanks:)
  5. May 20-2014 , 10:36AM
    What a lovely book, and something I will certainly be gifting to my mother. She has been battling breast cancer over the past two years and has struggled to see the beauty in life. She too had a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. The battle is ongoing and she constantly questions her beauty. Photography would be a wonderful way for her to recapture the small beautiful things in her life. Your idea has inspired me to help my mother find her own silver lining. Thank you!