the details & planning of a photography workshop takes many moons & minds to plan & come up with the creative concepts that are transformed into a series of (hopefully) breathtaking photo shoots, that are at once an artistic expression of the artists (myself included) who collaborate to create such beauty & also wonderful education oportunities – it was over a year ago that i began working with an incredible group of GEORGIA PEACHES to help me develop that concepts for A LOVELY WORKSHOP in SEA ISLAND, GEORGIA – fashion stylist GINNY BRANCH & floral stylist AMY OSABA & prop stylist BLUE EYED YONDER – working with these creative girls was wonderful –

elizabeth messina - botanic backdrop 2

GINNY & I spent hours on the phone (girl talk really) about flowers & colors & overall ideas for the photos shoots – one of the first ones we agreed on was something GREEN inspired mixed with the concept of my KISSING TREE – love letters, botanics, leaves, tress, all grounded in a feeling of life & love – BOTANICS – seriously GINNY has the most incredible BOTANICAL PINTEREST BOARD

elizabeth messina  - botanic backdrop 1

i am obsessed with backdrops – when BLUE EYED YONDER said she could make a BOTANICAL BACKDROP that we could place among the moss laden tress i almost fainted – & then with AMY’s real life florals to ice the already bountiful botanic cake – i was indeed smitten – even after our endless talks & mutual excitement there is no way to describe what it feel like to see a vision come to life – it was truly beautiful – a green field full of old growth trees, dripping in spanish moss & there in the middle of it our BEAUTIFUL BOTANIC BACKDROP – a piece of art born out of girl talk  –

elizabeth messina - botanic backdrop 3this beautiful BOTANIC backdrop will be featured in the next issue of FLUTTER MAGAZINE – so keep an eye out – this is such a sweet & beautiful way to have a backdrop literally anywhere – it would be the perfect photo booth at a wedding or ummmm photo shoot – many thanks to the amazing GINNY BRANCH & AMY OSABA & BLUE EYED YONDER for making my dreams come true – xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 26-2013 , 10:47PM
    Beautiful backdrop, would be SO fitting for botanists getting married :D With a similar designs for the wedding invitations and stationery. OMG at a garden. Okay, I'm on a roll .. you get the gist :D

    - Maya
  2. Aug 25-2013 , 11:51AM
    their accessories are so lovely. The botanical wall is gorgeous!