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  1. Jun 01-2013 , 11:16AM
    Wow! I love the dress and style. Simply stunning!
  2. Jun 02-2013 , 11:48PM
    The vintage lace wedding dress is sooo pretty, the bride looks amazing in the photography!
  3. Jun 06-2013 , 07:41AM
  4. Jun 07-2013 , 04:10AM
    Such a cute couple! Where was this wedding take place? Thank you for sharing!
  5. Jun 10-2013 , 01:00AM
    simply stunning
  6. Jun 12-2013 , 04:37PM
    I'm not usually crazy about short wedding dresses but I love this one. She really carries it well!
  7. Jun 23-2013 , 09:06AM
    I love your work, the depth the detail and the simple sweetness. My goal for next year is to take one of your workshops. I can't wait!
  8. Aug 20-2013 , 06:18AM
    Beautiful! Simple and classy!
  9. Sep 20-2013 , 06:05AM