elizabeth messina ruche coverso thrilled to have shot the LOOKBOOK for
eye out for the new issue of MAGNOLIA ROUGE
& WEDDING CHICKS…lots of wedding loveliness
to satisfy your romantic soul…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 01-2013 , 10:06PM
    Your colors are the loveliest!
  2. Apr 02-2013 , 01:47AM
    Oh, Elizabeth, it's BEAUTIFUL! You know I love how you always get everything so soft, yet so sharp all at once! I have to comment too on how darling her hair looks though too! The way her hair frames her face is stunning and the perfect pink lips- it's lovely. That perfect pop from the post processing is just perfection. I love it!
  3. Apr 03-2013 , 05:11PM
    What a beautiful photo. I love everything about it. The light, the gorgeous dress, the model, the selective focus. It is definitely cover page worthy. Great job!
  4. Apr 04-2013 , 07:41PM
    WOW! That dress is stunning!
  5. Apr 06-2013 , 03:55PM
    Hi Elizabeth,

    I'm so inspired by your book, The Luminous Portrait. I used to think that working with just natural light wouldn't be enough, but you've shown me otherwise. Glad to find more of your work here!

  6. Apr 06-2013 , 05:46PM
    Hi Elizabeth,

    I am so inspired by your book, The Luminous Portrait. I used to think that I would not get far working with only natural light, thank you for showing everyone otherwise!

  7. Jenna:
    Apr 06-2013 , 05:47PM
    Sorry for the double comment, I thought it didn't show up since my phone jammed.

  8. Apr 09-2013 , 07:39PM
    Hello Miss Elizabeth,
    I first started following Kiss the Groom after you photographed my friend Nicole Hill Gerulat's wedding at Sundance in Utah a few years ago. Since then I have searched high and low for elegant crowns like the one you use for your portraits, and I have dreamed about having a special day like those you catch--brilliantly and beautifully!--in your photographs. Way back then, I sent you an email just telling you how much I admired your work, and I was so tickled that you responded! Somehow, it only seems right to let you know....I am getting married!! We are just beginning our engagement and I am thrilled. I came here to share the news and saw your dreamy contest with Cupcake Weddings; what a wonderful gift! Anyhoo....thank you for making love a priority and sharing it so beautifully and intimately. Have a lovely day!