elizabeth messina_swan1026sometimes everything makes sense…for no reason at all….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 08-2013 , 12:38AM
    Excellent! Love it!
  2. Mar 13-2013 , 12:08AM
    So very serendipitous!
  3. Mar 13-2013 , 11:42AM
    Stunning dress & the image it self is gorgeous & just so dreamy. Love everything about it!
  4. Mar 16-2013 , 06:02PM
    Wonderful. Whimsical. Fun. This perfectly captures the way I bride feels on her wedding day...all that love and beauty, it would be silly not to do a happy little dance with yourself! <3
  5. Mar 19-2013 , 08:55AM
    I love the word, I love the shot, the pose, the color, the textures, the room and how everything blends to make something you may not have ever planned...
    You are magical Elizabeth.. Thank you for sharing your love for life captured on my favorite canvas.. <3
  6. Apr 06-2013 , 04:40AM
    Absolutely stunning! Love the movement.
  7. Apr 06-2013 , 04:43AM
    Love the shot!