there is a sweet secret behind the photographs i create a team of creatives…florists….stylist…creative directors…hair & makeup artists…on most of my shoots the talented ERIN SKIPLEY is by my side…scheming & coming up with ideas for hair styles & the perfect makeup for each gown…we ebb & flow like the sea, inspiring each other & making pretty pictures together…here is some of our recent work…

thank you my sweet friend
you are a
hair & makeup

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 28-2013 , 12:48PM
    incredible, beautiful...both of you ladies' work is amazing!
  2. Jan 29-2013 , 09:19AM
    Breathtaking!! x
  3. Jan 29-2013 , 02:34PM
    Wow, I love those images where the flowers are surrounding the model, who is laying on the floor. Stunning work!
  4. Jan 29-2013 , 06:37PM
    I really enjoyed this beautiful tribute, such beauty and so much talent. As a mua/stylist it made me smile to hear these words.. gorgeous work Ein & Elizabeth xo
  5. Jan 29-2013 , 07:58PM
    Absolutely arresting photography! Each captured moment seems to be part of a story that we're only shared glimpses of!
  6. kasandra:
    Jan 29-2013 , 10:04PM
    my goodness she is wonderful. thank you for pointing out her work within your work. you compliment each other perfectly!
  7. Feb 01-2013 , 09:00AM
    WOW, I love your work and style, what inspirational work.
    regards Dominic
  8. Feb 05-2013 , 02:09AM
    oh wow, takes my breath away!!
  9. Charon:
    Dec 10-2013 , 01:15AM
    Ok I have been OBESSSED with the dress in the first image since I saw it in a bridal magazine a while back. I immediately ripped it out and added it to my tattered but loved inspiration compilation. This was followed by a feverish online hunt for the designer of this confection, delicate lace, buttons down the front, kissed with blue. With no luck I had finally given up. Now months later here it is. It's no surprise that the image is in fact by seriously, my favorite photographer, Elizabeth Messina. It has to be magic! Can someone please help me with the designer if this dress which has so long alluded me? Thank you, and Elizabeth I only dream that one day I'll be lucky enough to have work done by you..,