so grateful to all of these beautiful publications that saw something LUMINOUS in my photographs…each & every one of these covers was created with NATURAL LIGHT & FILM….which means all of the editors & creative directors above put a lot of faith & trust in me, and for that i am very proud & grateful…sometimes when i sit alone in my office making my way through emails & deadlines, i feel as though i can never do enough…when i pulled together this post of (almost) all of my covers for 2012 i exhaled….i have done more than i realized…i must remember to exhale more often…there is so much to be grateful for….2012 was good to me in many ways & i am….wishing everyone lot of love & peace & perspective…& remember to exhale…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 31-2012 , 06:11AM
    Wow Elizabeth !!! I would to book your services for my daughter's wedding... She's 12 but I can't to loss your magic... Happy 2013 !!!
  2. Dec 31-2012 , 01:28PM
    Congrats on all of your beautiful covers!
  3. Dec 31-2012 , 08:20PM
    All of these cover photos are just heavenly. I love the lighting and pretty much everything about them.
  4. Jan 06-2013 , 07:12PM
    Hi Elizabeth,

    I am writing to let you know how much I love your photographs. They are so beautiful! I just finished your book of "the Luminous Portrait" last week, and I was hoping with my efforts I could take pictures like yous someday.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and those wonderful images. Good luck in 2013.

  5. Jan 07-2013 , 08:41AM
    Gorgeous!! I specially love the Munaluchi Bride cover...beautiful
  6. Jun 20-2013 , 12:09PM
    Beautiful, Elizabeth. Your gorgeous work is a direct reflection of the beauty you carry within you. A grateful heart goes a really long way in creating outstanding imagery. I love getting lost in your blog. Thank you for inspiring us!