so thrilled to have shot the newest member of the
you can see their personal family photos on the cover
& 8 pages on the inside of US WEEKLY MAGAZINE 

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 11-2012 , 05:01PM
    Beautiful as always xo
  2. Oct 12-2012 , 02:30AM
    Wow! Congratulations Tori. Take care of your baby.
  3. Oct 14-2012 , 09:42AM
    Just saw the issue at my mom's house. Congrats! :)
  4. Oct 15-2012 , 07:35PM
    Elizabeth, I NEVER buy US Weekly, but the moment I saw this issue in the airport I knew immediately you had shot the cover - so of course I bought a copy right away. :) The images are gorgeous, as always, and what a great way for the McDermotts to celebrate their newest little one!
  5. Oct 16-2012 , 08:51AM
    Just picked up the issue and am in LOVE with the photography!! Fabulous job :)