today i am sending a heartfelt post to TORI & DEAN who are expecting their forth beautiful bundle of joy…i have been honored to photograph their blossoming family over the years…from wedding celebrations to baby bumps & beyond…check out some of their most intimate family moments on TORI’s BLOG…motherhood is a tremendous journey….i love being a mother so much…i am so touched to have been included in TORI & DEAN’s journey as parents over the years…sending them lots of love & hope they don’t have too many sleepless nights…love is just so beautiful…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 30-2012 , 12:02PM
    This is absolutely stunning, in every way! From the smile on his face to the fine detail of her gown....I love it! And that light, oh my gosh! You never cease to amaze and inspire.
  2. Aug 30-2012 , 12:41PM
    No words... lovely !!!
  3. Aug 30-2012 , 07:56PM
    Lovely photo. Feel the warmth of this family from this photo.
  4. Aug 31-2012 , 11:36AM
    What a beautiful photo of Tori and Dean. Thank you for caprturing this happy moment of pregnancy!
  5. Sep 01-2012 , 11:12AM
    stunning! love this shoot
  6. Sep 03-2012 , 12:27AM
    This is so beautiful! Truly. x
  7. Sep 03-2012 , 10:47PM
    Wow. This is so sweet. I like this. Thanks for sharing this intimate picture.
  8. Sep 07-2012 , 09:48AM
    This photo is beautiful... especially Tori's dress!!
  9. Sep 07-2012 , 10:38AM
    Love this's so romantic. One of the better maternity shots ive ever seen
  10. Carol How:
    Sep 07-2012 , 03:04PM
    I am such a fan of your work Elizabeth ~ and this image is just over the top! Have just done my second wedding and still feeling very insecure. I picked up your book Luminous Portrait last week and that led me to here. I naturally am inclined to shoot this way but "digital" was putting me in the "uninspiring and correct" way. thank you for rescuing me from the unlit abyss!!
    I would give anything to follow you around for a few days as an assistant....maybe much longer :~)
    Again thanks for the inspiration and this unbelievable website!
  11. Sep 07-2012 , 10:00PM
    So beautiful. What a wonderful opportunity you have!
  12. Sep 10-2012 , 06:13AM
    Gorgeous photograph! Very nice lighting and colours used and work beautifully together
  13. Sep 10-2012 , 08:45AM
    This is such a beautiful shot. I want to do my own version of this. Love it!
  14. Sep 11-2012 , 09:23AM
    Totally. Love. Stunning. Gorgeous.