is 15 years old today

you are a graceful & kind young woman…
i am in awe of your patience & sweet disposition…
motherhood is a beautiful mystery…i sometimes feel as unsure
now as i did when i first held you in my arms…
yet you have someone become a teenager with such grace & poise,
you have made this part of mothering easier
than i am sure it is supposed to be
& for that i am oh so grateful…it is somehow still bittersweet
for as i see you grow & mature i realize i am
slowing saying goodbye to you as well…
that you will someday not live here seems
like the cruelest twist yet of
motherhood & yet
i know it is so…& although i will miss you
every step of the way, i will also
be so proud to watch you go…
take your time my sweet…
i love you more than you’ll ever know…



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 06-2012 , 07:32AM
    Happy Birthday Mykela!! Enjoy your day and all the 15th year!! It will be so especial!!
  2. Aug 06-2012 , 08:49AM
    simply gorgeous....the image of course but mostly this girl!
  3. Aug 06-2012 , 09:03AM
    Happiest of birthdays to Mykela...
  4. katie:
    Aug 06-2012 , 11:25AM
    Such wonderful words, Elizabeth. They've brought a tear to my eye! Having recently met Mykela, I could not agree more...she is simply the most patient and sweet girl. Happy Birthday!
  5. Aug 06-2012 , 09:00PM
    I love this beautiful letter to your daughter and her photo is gorgeous!
  6. Aug 07-2012 , 06:27AM
    oh my, this is so stunning...happy happy birthday! xo
  7. Aug 07-2012 , 08:54AM
    Happy belated birthday Mykela! You have your mother's warmth while growing into your own beautiful womanhood.
  8. Aug 07-2012 , 10:55AM
    Happy birthday to a beautiful young woman! I hope this year is as breathtakingly lovely as you are!

    And Elizabeth, a beautiful tribute to her! Gorgeous!
  9. Lauren:
    Aug 07-2012 , 11:24AM
    So sweet, made this new mama cry :) I swear Mykela gets more beautiful every day!
  10. Aug 08-2012 , 07:23PM
    that just made me cry! it's so hard to watch our little ones stop being so little and know that our time with them, like this, is finite. yet at the same time, we're fortunate to know that they're progressing and on the right path. my sons' only 3, but after reading your words, i had a very real moment of reflection. thank you for that perspective and beautiful words. it's easy to sometimes forget they grow up...and so fast. and happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, she sounds amazing!
  11. Liane:
    Aug 20-2012 , 12:22PM
    My heart might burst as I read your touching words and imagine a darling tiny Mykela (not even 4 years old yet) exactly the age of my own daughter now, when we first met. I'm suddenly aware of how fast it all goes. Happy birthday to beautiful Mykela and congratulations to Mommy too. You have the eye of an artist and the heart and soul of a Mother--That is what brings tears to my eyes. Love you. xo L
  12. Aug 22-2012 , 01:01AM
    Happy Long Life To You. Made us special remembrance, great day.