here’s to the art of doing nothing with the one you love…xoxo




a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 30-2012 , 08:53AM
    Here here!
  2. Jul 30-2012 , 10:56AM
    Ohhh... I love this picture. It looks so real life.
  3. Aug 01-2012 , 10:44AM
    Adorable photo!
  4. Aug 07-2012 , 03:41PM
    We love this .. its so simple and captivating. Beautiful work as always x
  5. Sep 04-2012 , 08:52AM
    Great picture. The picture really shows how you can enjoy and feel the love by spending some time with your partner on any Sunday or any other holiday. These moments, which you spend with your partner fills your life with joy and happiness.