this past week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me….so,
today as i climb back in the saddle i am trying to remember
to relax & enjoy the little blessings that come each day…i hope
you all are doing the same…please forgive the smoking photo…i
know it’s “wrong” but it illustrates my thoughts so well…exhale

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jessica:
    Jun 21-2012 , 08:34AM
    I feel the same way all the time, especially before planning my wedding. My fiance's ring broke not too long after we bought it when he was showing it to his parents and boasting about how "indestructible" tungsten is. It broke right in half and I had a panic attack in the kitchen. We got him a new band quickly - gold this time. And everything worked out. One of the best things my baby does is hold me and remind me to relax. Glad you're taking some time to do the same.
  2. Jun 21-2012 , 12:12PM
    It may be "wrong" but perfectly epitomizes exhaling. I hope your son is doing well and that you find some peace for you in there somewhere. <3
  3. Jun 21-2012 , 02:04PM
    there is NOTHING wrong about this photo. it's i believe there is a time and a place for smoking...and for photos like this? that's definitely one of them!
  4. Jun 21-2012 , 11:17PM
    I don't mind it, i too do exhale exercise everyday morning so that i feel cool and balanced.
  5. Kat:
    Jun 21-2012 , 11:35PM
    It is ART and it is beautiful!
  6. Jun 24-2012 , 11:45PM
    It's so beautiful
  7. Jun 25-2012 , 06:27AM
    your images put joy in my heart on yesterday... this image in particular! i've had trying times lately & I just wanted you to know that your images helped put me in a better thought-space!!! love you so much!!! xo, dana
  8. Jun 27-2012 , 01:38AM
    Exhale bad things and breathe happy and good feelings!!