sooooo it is with great pleasure that i share with you one of my most beloved locations….as a photographer it is rare that i get to photograph at a property that has not been shot by tons of others first…but SUNSTONE is different, i was lucky enough to photograph there many time before it had been “discovered”…& now, i want to share it with you….take a deep breath & enjoy…..

i first became acquainted with SUNSTONE vineyards many years ago…
its sweet little vineyard & lovely tasting room are perfect for a vineyard
wedding….& the first red wine i fell in love with was the amazing
SUNSTONE MERLOT….the vineyards are 100% organic too…

this place is worth a visit if you are in town, go check out
the SUNSTONE tasting room & please try the MERLOT

many of you may have seen the stunning 2012 collection of CLAIRE PETTIBONE gowns…well i shot the entire collection at the SUNSTONE VILLA….the villa literally took my breath away….it’s as if a little bit of the french countryside can be found here, nestled in the hills of california….

here is a description from the owners….


“Constructed of imported limestone, massive 200 year old beams, ancient fireplaces
& architectural details, this landmark quality villa offers indoor & outdoor  entertainment
& dining, an underground wine cellar with a separate private wine tasting room & spiral
staircase which leads to a room with a sweeping view of the Santa Ynez Valley. The
opulent bedroom suites share breathtaking views of the expansive vineyards &
the Santa Ynez Mountains from private verandas & patios.”

-Anna & Bion Rice-

so from the stone villa to the lush organic vineyards you can see why i love this place

& the owners are some of the kindest people i’ve ever met…
(come back soon to see their beautiful family portraits)

if i were gonna get married again (ummm-vow renewal perhaps)
this is where i would want to celebrate my love…it’s just beauitful….

so now you know what i’ve known for sometime….SUNSTONE is lovely

i had the pleasure of shooting the first wedding ever
at SUNSTONE VILLA…keep your eye out for the next
issue of C MAGAZINE weddings….they are going to
do  beautiful feature on that special wedding…

if you are planning a wedding in california, you
simply have to check out this place…it is pure perfection…

the VILLA is available for weddings, photo shoots & retreats….

so my special space is now yours

& just last week i shot a cover & fashion spread for MUNALUCHI BRIDAL

 there are some places that just touch your soul…

this is one of them….SUNSTONE is one of my absolute favorite paces on earth

chances are, it’s probably yours now too….

so if you are lucky enough to photograph or get married at
SUNSTONE  VILLA someday…think of me wandering the beautiful stone
covered floors…beause a little bit of me is still there & always will be…..

you may have seen my WEDDING BATH post…yes
it too was photographed at the SUNSTONE VILLA

le sigh…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Essie:
    May 01-2012 , 09:57AM
  2. May 01-2012 , 10:13AM
    THANK YOU THANK YOU Elizabeth for all the AMAZING shots you have taken of our property. It is always a pure joy working with you....
    You have truly captured the essence of Sunstone!
    xoxo, Anna
  3. May 01-2012 , 10:38AM
    Love those muted tones!
  4. May 01-2012 , 01:17PM
    Wow, that place is gorgeous!! If I am ever around there, even within an hour I will be visiting!
  5. May 02-2012 , 07:15AM
    My breath has been taken away, too! Can see why you are so in love with this place. The stone and wood work are fabulous!
  6. May 02-2012 , 11:07AM
  7. May 02-2012 , 09:28PM
    Can't wait for the secret shoot to be released!!! My first official prop styling job :) !!!
  8. May 04-2012 , 11:06AM
    Oh. My. God! This is SO if from a dream.
  9. May 05-2012 , 05:06PM
    Beautiful pictures and location! I especially love the stairwells!
  10. May 07-2012 , 11:35AM
    This place just looks amazing!!! Soooooo beautiful! Love the shoot! xoxo
  11. May 08-2012 , 08:48AM
    Swoon! what a lovely location! thanks for sharing
  12. May 09-2012 , 08:45AM
    I am a new superfan of the Sunstone! Thanks for introducing us to this amazing destination. Can't wait to share the gorgeous pics you captured:)
  13. laura:
    May 20-2012 , 08:56AM
    I am part of the wine club at Sunstone. This is where my fiance proposed to me. I really wanted to get married there too but it was a bit out of my price range :(
  14. Jun 05-2012 , 05:23PM
    Beautiful! Just missing a bit of Spanish moss!