to say i “love” KAT FLOWER does not really begin to express my respect & appreciation for her…recently i had the honor of shooting the national cover & fashion spread for THE KNOT…yes THE KNOT…i still can hardly believe it (keep an eye for the fall cover & you’ll see what i mean)…anyhow, KAT FLOWER was kind enough to fly out to LOS ANGELES from NEW YORK on a moments notice to do the floral styling for THE KNOT editorial shoot…we worked a long beautiful day…anyhow, after most shoots i head home & leave all the flowers & decor behind…but this was different…you see KAT FLOWER was staying with me…so her and ALL the flowers came home with us…the next morning KAT conducted a impromptu flower class with my daughters…it was a thing of beauty…what i most loved was how KAT treated them like adults, explaing how & where to cut the flowers etc…she offered her thoughts on arranging but mostly encouraged my girls to do whatever they wanted…the end result was just perfection & everything smelled as beautiful as it looked…thank you KAT FLOWER…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 14-2012 , 03:15PM
    Ahhh I agree Kat is simply amazing at whatever she touches. So sweet and humble for how great she is to top it off!
  2. May 14-2012 , 06:18PM
    how cool is that?! It looks like good family fun. Those flowers look so FRESH, as in cool. I can't wait to see the Knot cover. And yes, Kat is great to work with. I've had the pleasure once, so far ;-)
  3. Kim:
    May 14-2012 , 07:24PM
    Just received your amazing book here in Sydney Australia! thank god for amazons international shipping xox
  4. May 14-2012 , 10:18PM
    Magical atmosphere and lovely pics !!! :-)
  5. May 15-2012 , 01:56AM
    WOW What gorgeous flowers! The colours and combination are to die for!
  6. May 15-2012 , 05:40AM
    [...] This is the best time of the year in Sweden and finally the slowers are blooming outside and indoors. I was so inspired reading Elizabeth Messina’s blog this morning about KAT FLOWER. [...]
  7. May 18-2012 , 12:13AM
    WOW! Gorgeous stuff. Really creative!

    I'd love to see a collection of photographic wedding invites with some of her arrangements <3
  8. May 20-2012 , 08:36PM
    Wow... this is absolutely divine!!
  9. Jun 13-2012 , 12:03PM
    so belated...
    thank you for this very lovely post. you and your family are warmth personified and i LOVED my time with you. thank you ever so much for the privilege. love you, kat xxox