today is the official publication date of my 1st book!

i put my heart & soul into it & share many of the lessons & secrets i have learned along the way…i hope it touches & inspires everyone who reads it…know that if you are holding it in your hands, you have a little piece of me…many blessings…xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 24-2012 , 08:04AM
    Pre-ordered it weeks ago.... cannot wait to hold it in my hands!!!! ;))))
  2. LeahNicole:
    Apr 24-2012 , 08:06AM
    Congratulations!! I was another one who pre-ordered your lovely book. The website says it is "shipping soon". I can't wait to get my hands on this!
  3. Apr 24-2012 , 08:09AM
    YAY! Congratulations Elizabeth! I am so excited and so happy for you!!! I can't wait to read all of the wonderful reviews!!! :)
  4. Tami Weingartner:
    Apr 24-2012 , 08:20AM
    Excited to get my copy....have been waiting for the release door 2 months!
  5. Apr 24-2012 , 08:26AM
    Congratulations! It looks impeccable and amazing!
  6. Apr 24-2012 , 08:27AM
    yay!!! I think mine is arriving at my doorstep today!!! Congratulations Elizabeth.
  7. Apr 24-2012 , 08:28AM
    Hurray!! I cannot WAIT for my copy to arrive! It's going to look beautiful in my new studio!!
  8. Apr 24-2012 , 08:30AM
    CONGRATS!! Trying to order this in the Netherlands! Looking so forward to read it!
  9. Apr 24-2012 , 09:56AM
    Ordered !!!!!! :-)
  10. Apr 24-2012 , 10:43AM
    MINE IS HERE ALREADY!!! All I can say is WOW! I am filled with inspiration. :)
  11. Apr 24-2012 , 11:20AM
    Thanks for sharing your expertise and copy just arrived!....LOVE IT!!!!
  12. Apr 24-2012 , 11:30AM
    I pre-ordered and opened my Kindle early this morning. Sigh, can't wait to dig in.
  13. Apr 24-2012 , 11:40AM
    I pre-ordered it a few weeks ago and cannot wait to read it.
  14. Apr 24-2012 , 01:13PM
    at the top of my Mother's Day gift list! congratulations to you!!
  15. Apr 24-2012 , 02:32PM
    I just ordered my copy! I can't wait to dig into it!
  16. Camilla Jørvad:
    Apr 25-2012 , 04:12AM
    can't wait to receive my copy from amazon!!! + love the new clean beautiful look of your blog :)
  17. Apr 25-2012 , 05:16AM
    Elizabeth, I've ordered my copy and I can not wait. You have been one of the biggest inspirations to me both in my photography career and in my life. Your images have a unique beauty and speak without words. I hope to meet you in person one day!
  18. Tanya A:
    Apr 25-2012 , 03:55PM
    Got my copy yesterday. It is beautiful! Thank you! Hooray!
  19. Janneke:
    Apr 26-2012 , 06:23AM
    And congratulations with the new look of this website, too!!
  20. Apr 26-2012 , 06:30AM
    Elizabeth, BIGGEST CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to get my hands on it this week when I return from my trip. I am so excited for you.
  21. Apr 26-2012 , 11:50AM
    Many congratulations to you!!

  22. Apr 27-2012 , 12:05AM
    SO excited to read this, congrats! Anxiously awaiting our pre-ordered copy here in South Africa. We love natural light and have been looking for something covering this topic for a long time. Thanks for the time and effort in creating this and for sharing your knowledge.
  23. Apr 27-2012 , 07:44AM
    Congratulations!!...We can´t wait to read it!
  24. Apr 27-2012 , 08:56AM
    Yay! I just purchased your book! Can't wait for it to arrive! Your work is just breath taking.
  25. Apr 27-2012 , 10:32AM
    mine arrived Tuesday love it love it love it!
  26. Apr 27-2012 , 11:03AM
    Congrats Elizabeth! Can´t wait to see all the beauty! Xo.
  27. Dawn Ritchie:
    Apr 27-2012 , 04:22PM
    My husband pre-ordered for me months ago and it *just* arrived!! I'm only on page 34, but I've loved each and every page. Thank you so much & congratulations!
  28. Apr 27-2012 , 09:16PM
    I got mine in the mail yesterday and I am in LOVE! :) Thank you so much for creating such a gorgeous and informative book!
  29. Apr 29-2012 , 11:35AM
    It arrived at my doorstep on the 27th and I have been devouring it every free minute i have. so lovely. so beautiful. so you!
  30. Kate:
    Apr 30-2012 , 04:25AM
    Its beautiful...I think. My husband stole it from me so quickly I didn't really get a chance to have a look, we may have to order a second copy!!
  31. Apr 30-2012 , 01:24PM
    [...] Messina, my go-to photographer for indoor lighting and mood inspiration, wrote a book. Or photographed a book. Whatever she did, however you want to define it – her book is… STUNNING. I [...]
  32. May 04-2012 , 11:27AM
    i just got my copy in the mail today and i've finished it in one breath! you're a great teacher and it has encouraged me in so many ways as a photographer, in setting my goals alone already. you're amazing!
  33. Glauce Lima:
    May 26-2012 , 02:12PM
    Querida Elisabeth,
    Hoy me ha llegado tu libro y estoy tan emocionada...
    Gracias por tu generosidad en compartir con nosotros tu historia, tu saber, tu vida.
    Ojalá un día lleguemos a conocernos.

    Un abrazo desde Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España.
  34. May 29-2012 , 11:22PM
    Elizabeth, I've been a long-time follower, first time commen(or). I love your writing, such beautiful prose, which perfectly complements your amazing portraits and works of art. Thank you for sharing your world and for inspiring me in so many ways. Will be purchasing your book. Thank you. You are so talented, in so many more ways than one.
  35. Jun 23-2012 , 03:51AM
    got my copy a few weeks ago and have been overjoyed. simply overjoyed.