today’s SILVER LINING is FLOWERS…personally am lucky enough to work around beautiful flowers much of the time…but truth be told i am often not enjoying them, but rather working…so between the focusing, exposure & perfect angle i have to remind myself to just enjoy their beauty…& today i am reminding you…FLOWERS are lovely…mother nature’s gift to us…so take some time to “smell the roses” & lilacs & lavender & whatever else you can find…for life is hard & flowers are beautiful..wishing you a beautiful day full of SILVER LININGS & LES FLEURS….xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 29-2012 , 01:15PM
  2. Apr 30-2012 , 04:54AM
    *Tender sigh...yet another beautiful shot and this one has just become my favorite!
    Elizabeth Messina and flower...*swoon
  3. Apr 30-2012 , 11:37AM
    I do agree with you. Nothing is more beautiful than to smell the fragrance of fresh flowers every morning. Love them!
  4. Essie:
    Apr 30-2012 , 01:59PM
    I read your book cover to cover yesterday, and I loved it. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, love, and beauty you spread into this world. Now, I'm saving up to buy a Contax 645 and also saving up to attend "A Lovely Workshop" in a few years. I work in the legal field (funny that your family were a bunch of lawyers) but I definitely have an artistic/creative side that I need to attend to (e.g., jewelry design, sewing, photography). I hope to create and compose beautiful photographs to give as gifts to my friends and family.
  5. Apr 30-2012 , 03:20PM
    So true! Les fleurs are one of my favorite things in life... Beautiful shot, as always. Such beauty, every time I check your blog : )
  6. Apr 30-2012 , 05:35PM
  7. May 02-2012 , 10:59AM
    Gorgeous shot... I love flowers. And your new layout on your blog is so lovely!
  8. May 02-2012 , 09:33PM
    a beautiful mess...
    my favorite kind. guess i leave them everywhere.