…today’s SILVER LINING is napping…

seriously, is there anything more delicious than a nap?? maybe it’s just me, but sometimes i would do just about anything for the peaceful comfort of an afternoon siesta…the europeans really are so advanced in this area…i sometimes joke that i haven’t had a good night sleep in fourteen years (ever since the birth of my first daughter)…now that may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but only slightly…so today, i want to give thanks for the perfect little nap….whether a 20 minute “cat nap” or a long lingering disorienting uber cozy one, i adore them all…although it is a rarity that i actually get any nap at all, i feel grateful for every one i have ever had…i even get the sweetest joy from watching one of my children nap…so i wish you all a nap…the kind that changes your perspective…xoxo



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 22-2012 , 08:44AM
    Haha just woke up from one! ;D Beautiful pic as always!
  2. Apr 22-2012 , 09:55AM
    I took an over-indulgent FOUR-HOUR nap yesterday, midday. (It was simply too hot to bear.) The nap was magnificent!
  3. Apr 22-2012 , 12:26PM
  4. Apr 27-2012 , 07:45AM
    Wonderfull shoot!...Love the siesta too!