1 year ago today i had the wonderful experience of capturing this absolutely stunning wedding….most of you have probably already seen the beautiful layout in MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS…i invite you to take some time to enjoy some of my favorite images from their wedding day…the decor & fabulous style was created by LISA VORCE, of OH, HOW CHARMING! & MINDY RICE FLORAL DESIGN (both of whom are near & dear to my heart, also produced & designed my wedding @ 5 years ago)…so pretty much this is a love fest…take a moment & wish JOSE VILLA & JOEL SERRATO congratulations…they are both so sweet & so talented…happy anniversary my friends…xoxoxo

 many they have many wonderful married years together…xoxo


here is the list of the amazing team of talented & creative
people that came together &  helped make their day not
only beautiful but also full of meaning & substance…..

Event Design & Production: Lisa Vorce of OH, HOW CHARMING!
Event Design and Flowers: MINDY RICE FLORAL DESIGN
Calligraphy: ANNE JONES
Cinematography: JOE SIMON FILMS
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: BOLERO SOUL


love is beautiful

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 16-2012 , 05:30AM
    This wedding looks so amazing! You did an excellent job with the photography!
  2. Apr 16-2012 , 06:38AM
    Uhhh.... I HATE it when you make me cry so early in the morning :) Stunning, amazing, breathtaking, mind boggling, going to make me sit here all day and stare aspring to figure out how you do it... as usual... thanks for giving me something to do today. Congrats to Mr. Villa and Mr. Serrato, if you only know how much I look up to all of you...
  3. Apr 16-2012 , 07:12AM
    Absolutely stunning! Jose and Joel are just the sweetest and their wedding is one of the most gorgous things I've ever seen. Well done, everyone.
  4. Apr 16-2012 , 07:12AM
    Just perfection. I love the tones and the emotion of the day.
  5. Apr 16-2012 , 07:12AM
    Absolutely stunning! Jose and Joel are just the sweetest and their wedding is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. Well done, everyone.
  6. Apr 16-2012 , 08:11AM
    From the amazing location to the small details like the cake, this wedding was absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Apr 16-2012 , 08:19AM
    Well HELLOOO Handsomes! What a gorgeous couple and dreamy day! Love all the vintage details!
  8. Apr 16-2012 , 10:56AM
    Ohhhh my goodness. Dancing in the grass in front of loved ones. That is unbelievably beautiful. I get so emotional just looking at this! Incredible as always.
  9. Apr 16-2012 , 11:17AM
    So lovely Elizabeth. You inspire.
  10. Apr 16-2012 , 12:09PM
    Thank you for posting these beautiful images of amazingly beautiful people! Happy anniversary, Jose & Joel... I LOVE Y'ALL! XoxO
  11. Apr 16-2012 , 03:01PM
    Gorgeous work, gorgeous couple!
  12. Apr 16-2012 , 05:13PM
    Aw! This wedding gets your heart because Jose and Joel are such dear people, Happy Anniversary!
  13. Apr 16-2012 , 05:57PM
    wowee, these are amazing! you are so talented and really did right by jose who's equally as talented. i'm sure he and joel love these, i would if they were my wedding photos. fantastic!
  14. Apr 17-2012 , 12:06AM
    Pure joy! Love the family shots!
  15. Apr 17-2012 , 02:56AM
    Oh gosh, beautiful pictures. I love the rustic, yet somewhat Parisian effect in all the pictures. Such a classic vintage feel, and I LOVE the antique cameras. Congrats, guys!
  16. Apr 17-2012 , 04:24AM
    Slight in love with everyone at this wedding, plus all the fabulous creatives! xx
  17. Apr 17-2012 , 12:01PM
    First of all these pictures are amazing! They scream true love, I just adore them. Only you could document this day and love so beautifully ;)
  18. Apr 17-2012 , 02:32PM
    I truly believe that love is always the answer, and I could not be happier for two of the most wonderful and kind people I know. Congratulations Jose & Joel! Lots of love to you both. Elizabeth, you did a beautiful job capturing such a beautiful day!
  19. Apr 22-2012 , 11:14PM
    No one can present love quite like you do. The simplicity of your images always amazes me.
  20. Apr 23-2012 , 12:12AM
    [...] to end the post, my most favorite wedding that Elizabeth has shot is this Jose Villa & Joel Serrato. Absolutely stunning. Perfect in every way. Latest [...]
  21. Oct 05-2012 , 10:02AM
    Sooooooooooooo beautiful! My greatest inspirations!!
  22. May 11-2014 , 07:40AM
  23. Feb 11-2015 , 12:31PM
    Such an absoutely outstanding, Mrs Messina; one of your very best. Your heart sings from every photo!
    And their love does too!
    So beautiful!