the beautiful HILARY DUFF & her sweet husband just weeks before they welcomed their
1st child into their lives…congratulations to hilary & mike & sweet baby boy luca…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 12-2012 , 11:13AM
    Simple and beautiful.
  2. caren:
    Apr 12-2012 , 11:17AM
    elizabeth!! omygosh when i saw this photo online about a month or so ago, i loved it sooooo much and i saved it, and now i see that it was you who took it!! ahhhh xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ;)
  3. Apr 12-2012 , 11:31AM
    Me encantaaa !!!! :-)
  4. Apr 12-2012 , 02:01PM
    Wow.. THIS is a pregnancy photo!
  5. Apr 12-2012 , 02:16PM

  6. Apr 12-2012 , 04:38PM
    So beautiful!!!
  7. Apr 12-2012 , 06:10PM
  8. Apr 12-2012 , 10:54PM
    Stunning of course Elizabeth! Such a creative way to pose them, I love how they just, forever encircle each other! It makes this everlasting ring in the image- like a wedding ring! Their family circle will last for eternity.

    Now that's romantic! :)
  9. Apr 13-2012 , 12:53PM
    Very elegant, can you be my mentor? i promise i will sing for you