AMANDA (of 100 LAYER CAKE) & TIM are getting married

& i had the honor of photographing them a couple of months ago in palm springs…engagement photos are so full of love & anticipation, & these are no exception…in fact not only were TIM & AMANDA sweet & lovely, they were stunning…it was a wonderful day…stop by 100 LAYER CAKE today to congratulate the happy couple & see some of AMANDA’S favorite engagement photos…& if you still can’t get enough, be sure to browse the new issue of UTTERLY ENGAGED…you’ll find these lovebirds on the cover & in a beautiful 20 page spread inside…love is definitely in the air…

…. Her Kiss & Tell….

“I had a big crush on Tim for awhile before we dated, and I’m pretty sure I saw a multitude of stars, planets and fireworks on our first kiss. My friend Jillian (yes, of 100LAYER CAKE) had a party at her house and after the guests had all gone home, she decided she would take fate into her own hands. She pitched a tent in her living room and invited Tim and I to join her and hang out inside. A few minutes later she left us, laying in the tent alone together (Thank you, Jilly!) We talked for awhile, about all sorts of things.. conversation came easy with him. Then he reached over and grabbed my hand.. and we held each others’ hands for quite some time. It was the sweetest thing, and I never knew hand-holding could be that intense. Then of course he leaned over for a kiss. That’s when it all became a blur of pink clouds, fireworks, and rainbows.”
-Amanda remembering her 1st kiss with Tim
…. His Kiss & Tell….
“Indoor camping at it’s finest!  I don’t know why our friend Jillian had a tent in her living room, but she did, and we ended up in it.  We held hands like a couple of school kids for a while until I gathered the courage to reach over and kiss her.  At that moment, our tent could have been on top of a mountain, or in the middle of the Serengeti.  It didn’t matter because the world outside ceased to exist — it was just the two of us, and nothing else.”
-Tim remembering his 1st kiss with Amanda

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 23-2012 , 07:54AM
    LOVE it!! so sophisticated!
  2. Apr 23-2012 , 08:02AM
    Hum.... gorgeous!!!
  3. Apr 23-2012 , 08:29AM
    What a beautiful couple! Love the picture with kisses all over his face, so cute! :)
  4. Apr 23-2012 , 08:45AM
    I love it !!!
  5. Apr 23-2012 , 10:16AM
    Beautiful photos...each one is so amazingly unique!
  6. Apr 23-2012 , 10:54AM
    So truly gorgeous and stunning! What a sweet couple.
  7. Apr 23-2012 , 11:39AM
  8. Apr 23-2012 , 12:41PM
    OHMYGOSH! I LOVE this session. It is simply gorgeous!!
  9. Apr 23-2012 , 02:02PM
    I love it! Love the picture with the lipstick kisses. Congratulations to them!
  10. Apr 23-2012 , 04:49PM
    OMG both of their "kiss & tell" commentaries are just the cutest!!! Congrats, Amanda! MLH xxxx
  11. Apr 23-2012 , 05:00PM
    Gorgeous, sweet, & sexy! A perfect e-session. Love the face kisses photo and the sweet story they each tell about their first kiss. Congrats to Amanda & Tim!
  12. Apr 23-2012 , 08:19PM
    Gorgeous! I came here from 100 layer cake, and was very happy to see the full spread : D Congratulations!
  13. Apr 25-2012 , 05:26PM
    Oh my this is just amazing... they look just stunning and so in love!! Adore the shot of them with just their lower legs and shoes!
  14. Apr 27-2012 , 05:00AM
    In the UK we have to wait until June for the release........I am looking forward to the day the book arrives very much! but the wait is extremely difficult, as I know how much I am going to love reading about your work.
  15. Apr 27-2012 , 07:46AM
    Amazing shoot!...Love it!
  16. May 01-2012 , 04:43PM
    Amanda is beautiful, and these photos are too! Love the kiss marks all over Tim's face!
  17. May 05-2012 , 12:40PM
    awesome set - love it!