after the serious nature of the last post…i needed to come back to the place i feel most comfortable..back to pretty…life is hard…i want to contribute a little beauty whenever i can…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 26-2012 , 02:36PM
    I just read through your previous post. I'm so sorry for what you guys are going through right now. You will get through it. Just take it day by day and try to focus on the positive. Sending good vibes all the way to California...
    Much love,
    Another admiring photographer...
  2. Mar 27-2012 , 03:21AM
    Like Katie above, I just read through your last post. And my heart is full...for you and your family. I have loved your fabulous photography for months now, and knew of course there is always a real person with a real life behind that lens. Your post about your son brought this home so clearly. As a fellow mother (and a grandmother of 3...4 any day now), i know that sorrow you wrote about. Please know that my prayers are with you and your precious son.
  3. Mar 27-2012 , 07:17AM
    Well you contribute it and contribute it so well. Thank you for your consistent inspiration. The world does need more happy, beautiful reminders.
  4. julie maldonado:
    Mar 27-2012 , 08:27AM
    hello, just started clicking keyboard keys and found myself on this site. I was enjoying checking out people's personal blogs when I found your story. I am a nurse and a mom. Your story makes me realize what families are going through when they come into my ICU with newly diagnosed conditions. The fact that the patient is a
    child makes a difference in my mind.... believe it or not... i know it sounds insensitive to all the adult patients. It's not the same when A CHILD is sick. I soooo believe what your doctor said to you in the hospital...... you saved your son's life; by mentioning what you thought this might be. Time would have been wasted had it not been for you and your investigating!!! My advice to you, and i know you already know this because you are an astute mom, who (obviously) educates yourself, as you did in this situation, is to teach your son that the most important thing to do with Diabetes is keep his sugars well controlled. Don't let that sugar build up/collect in his blood vessels, that is what destroys the kidneys, heart, eyes. He can have a happy, active life with modern medicine and the knowledge that is available to all. You have been an inspiration to me today. Thank You
  5. Apr 15-2012 , 06:12PM
    Oh Elizabeth . . . I was already fragile/tired from a wild weekend with my own two littles when I happened upon this post. I am so sorry your heart is bearing all this ache but what an amazing mama you are, and hang in there with your little man and his tribulations. You have friends "down South" rooting for you!