i love FASHION & MAGAZINES…i can just sit & daydream all afternoon…sometimes my mind will linger in a spot…i can feel the lush greens of SEATTLE…the strong flavor of coffee in PORTLAND…i can thumb through the pages of same MAGAZINE ¬†over & over, as my eyes discover new things each time…i reminisce about an apple orchard outside of SALT LAKE CITY…i can wander the world of a little FARM & picture myself in a pretty DRESS…can DREAM bigger & smaller than i live….i invite you to dream with me…slow down…be INSPIRED by life, by love…by stillness & pretty DRESSES…visit somewhere you’ve always dreamed of…if only for a moment…or maybe the whole day through..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 08-2012 , 04:12PM
    This is truly breathtaking. Your talent is sublime. Clare | www.claredayflowers.ca
  2. Feb 08-2012 , 06:12PM
    This just takes my breath away. Love love love love and some more love!
  3. Feb 08-2012 , 06:18PM
    Some day Elizabeth, i might be 10% of how good you are, and that would put me in the Top 25% of photos in the country! They just don't know true romance like, I fall in love with everyone of your models. Now thats powerful stuff. THank you for sharing... BTW, watched TREE OF LIFE and felt like i was in a moving Elizabeth Messina Photograph. :)
  4. Feb 08-2012 , 09:52PM
    these are so gorgeous! I especially love the 4th one down of the gown from the back. Your work is so dreamy!
  5. Feb 08-2012 , 11:11PM
    you are my hero...
  6. Katie Nicolle:
    Feb 09-2012 , 05:05AM
    Such a stunning feature! I love it! x
  7. Feb 09-2012 , 07:47AM
    I'm madly in love with that first dress. Amazing photography as always!
  8. Feb 09-2012 , 08:53AM
    thanks for all the love..ohhh i did see TREE OF LIFE...such an amazing movie...thank you for the very generous compliment...i am starting out the day with a smile on my face...xoxo
  9. Feb 09-2012 , 11:44AM
    Oh Elizabeth, these are so beautiful. Your work moves me and draws me in like nothing i've ever seen before. Thank you for continually inspiring me and so many others! Your talent is endless!
  10. Feb 09-2012 , 06:36PM
    beautiful words that pair perfectly with gorgeous images :)
  11. Feb 13-2012 , 07:51AM
    That giant paper flower on the branch is amazing! What a great idea!
  12. Feb 23-2012 , 06:24AM
    Elisabeth your work is just so inspiring to me as a wedding photographer. Thank you so much for lighting up my day with your amazing talent and beauty.
  13. Mar 02-2012 , 11:53PM
    Stunning! I love that ginormous flower, how cool!
    I hope someday to master light the way you do. You are amazing.