the only way to fully described TWIGS & HONEY ‘s lovely
pieces it to call them what the truly are…works of art…xoxo


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a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 16-2012 , 05:11PM
    Beyond gorgeous. You, Myra and Claire do such beautiful work together. I'm always left speechless.
  2. Feb 16-2012 , 06:02PM
    Absolute bridal perfection!
  3. Feb 16-2012 , 07:36PM
    Truly amazing work. I CAN NOT wait to go to your class in Vegas. Was my absolute favorite and most inspirational last year. You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your work with us all.
  4. Feb 16-2012 , 07:51PM
    thank you all very much...& liz (that's what they called me in high school) see you in vegas;)
  5. Feb 17-2012 , 10:17AM
    Love it. So pretty:)
  6. Feb 17-2012 , 10:50AM
    Soooo pretty and fabulous!

  7. Feb 18-2012 , 06:03AM
    Breath taking and really amazing these dresses.
  8. Feb 18-2012 , 08:21AM
    I really love this shoot. Lovely light and great use of props.
  9. Feb 19-2012 , 11:35PM
    Great post! keep it up.
  10. Feb 21-2012 , 06:56AM
    Those are some beautiful dresses.
  11. Feb 21-2012 , 05:00PM
    Romantic & gorgeous! :)