a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 13-2012 , 08:09AM
    Ahhh, gorgeous! Your images make me MELT :)
  2. Feb 13-2012 , 10:07AM
    Breathtakingly beautiful!
  3. Feb 13-2012 , 10:59AM
    The studio images with the emerald green backdrop are so cool the Arctic is coming back... seriously, if you ever need an intern of any sort (I will get you coffee... hourly) I'd be there in a heartbeat... I can't tell you how much I've learned from studying you... Awesome-sauce on an awesome-dae...
  4. Feb 13-2012 , 03:32PM
    Gorgeous and chic!

  5. Feb 14-2012 , 02:26AM
    Stunning as always! One of the pretty ladies looks a bit like Leighton Meester- gorgeous! xx
  6. Feb 14-2012 , 02:29PM
    Gorgeous as ALWAYS, Elizabeth!! Thank you!!!! Lydia: Agreed! I also think she looks like Natalie Portman. <3
  7. kasansdra:
    Feb 15-2012 , 07:02AM
    such beauty! and that green backdrop is perfect. i've always been drawn to your soft, cool greens ... so this fits you well
    thanks for sharing!
  8. Feb 18-2012 , 06:04AM
    These dresses make me think about the old times. Gorgeous.
  9. Feb 26-2013 , 09:04AM
    man these are awesome, genuinely gorgeous portraits