the tradition of “ladies’ privilege”

“In keeping with the theme of nature gone awry, a whimsical tradition dating back at least four centuries (and still trotted out at four-year intervals by newspaper feature writers) holds that leap years confer upon women the “privilege” of proposing marriage to men instead of the other way around. The convention was (in literature, if not in reality) that any man who refused such a proposal owed his spurned suitor a silk gown and a kiss — provided she was wearing a red petticoat at the moment she popped the question.”


so even if he says “no” ladies…you still get a dress & a kiss….not bad



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 29-2012 , 10:31AM
    this is so cute! love that dress!
  2. Mar 01-2012 , 03:56AM
    I love the idea!! Thank you for this delightful post:-)) I love your work!!!
  3. Mar 01-2012 , 07:27AM
    Lol. Don't know if a lot of women will have the guts to propose. Hopefully more and more girls would do, and then the groom will pay for the wedding.