every wedding is different…insdie & out….remember not
to sweat the small stuff…the wind may be blowing hard &
messing up your hair…but in my point of view it is the wind
or the rain, or whatever is happening on your wedding day
that makes it so memorable & beautiful…happy weekend

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 27-2012 , 01:22PM
    Such a lovely post!! Beautiful dress too!


  2. Jan 27-2012 , 03:42PM
  3. Jan 27-2012 , 03:42PM
    Well said Elizabeth.
  4. Jan 29-2012 , 03:58AM
    Beautiful, and very true! xx
  5. Jan 30-2012 , 05:29AM
    Pure elegance !!! I love your work. Congrats from Barcelona, Spain !!!
  6. Feb 07-2012 , 11:06AM
    this is so beautiful, and i completely agree. its not about trying to make your life and the days in it this perfect thing, but rather loving the beauty in our flaws, being proud of our scars and what they represent, living in the moment, instead of trying to create one. thank you for sharing, your images and words are always so beautiful & touching, -briana