some people, some images, some moments transcend beauty….

this series of boudoir are the most intimate & special images i have ever made…
my lovely friend  is a stunning woman….graceful…kind…at ease with herself….

inside & out…she has long lovely limbs & beautiful hands….

there is a sweetness that lingers everywhere she is….

she lounges & crosses her legs with ease….toned by running & life….

the beautiful lingerie and yet not as beautiful…

as what lay beneath the surface…..

life & love & inspiration & motherhood & intimacy & laughter

the sweet underneath

in honor of women everywhere…xoxo

if you want to follow HOLLYE’S story you can
read her beautiful blog THE SILVER PEN or catch
up with her on THE HUFFINGTON POST….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 06-2011 , 01:30PM
    Beautiful, incredible and inspirational - thank you for sharing!
  2. Jan 06-2011 , 01:30PM
    Once again, another beautiful post done with the grace and brilliance only you could create... I think I love you Elizabeth Messina...xoxo
  3. Carol Sawyer:
    Jan 06-2011 , 02:48PM
    This is magnificent and an inspiration to all.
  4. Jan 06-2011 , 05:36PM

    So beautiful and moving on so many levels.
  5. Jan 06-2011 , 08:40PM
    so amazingly touching. Beautiful work, beautiful story, beautiful people. An inspiration!
  6. Jan 06-2012 , 02:56PM
    honestly, this has to be the most beautiful post, i have ever seen. i had to stop and allow the strength of these photos, to seep into me. thank you, a teary thank you, for the bravery, you have handed me.
  7. Jan 07-2012 , 08:01PM
    Wow. Happened on your site and wow. The photos themselves are gorgeous, but of course, the last shot... well, wow.
  8. Jan 07-2012 , 10:19PM
    This is so beautiful and touching, so inspiring to see people full of life even during tough times.
  9. Jan 09-2012 , 03:04PM
    wow these are just.....just pure beauty
  10. Jan 15-2012 , 04:19AM
    great photos. im a fan of kiss the groom.
  11. Jan 15-2012 , 09:22PM
    Oh Elizabeth! I literally started crying! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
  12. Jan 17-2012 , 07:10AM
    I'm so touched. Just think how she and any intimate friend must feel. Thank you for your part in this magic.
  13. Jan 17-2012 , 02:17PM
    WOW!! This is simply breathtaking! PURE BEAUTY!!