…my first book THE LUMINOUS PORTRAIT is available for pre-order…
check it out & tell your friends….i am beyond thrilled….there is sweet post on
MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS as well…happy dance in the office…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. ingrid:
    Jan 31-2012 , 04:12PM
    I pre-ordered mine months ago..and even marked the day when I could expect it in . I'm obviously looking forward to reading it front to back. Congratulations..very happy for your successes.
  2. Monica C:
    Jan 31-2012 , 08:46PM
    Can't wait for it. It's been on my wish list since I first saw that it was coming out.
  3. camilla knudsen:
    Feb 01-2012 , 02:17AM
    already pre-ordered it a month ago. can't wait to have it in my hands. to own a little piece of your amazing talent and beautiful work. thankyou for finally sharing it ;)
  4. Feb 01-2012 , 02:21AM
    OH WOW!!! Congrats Elisabeth! Will definitely pick up your book, your work is such a huuuuuuuge inspiration! <3
  5. Feb 01-2012 , 05:09PM
    Congratulations Elizabeth! I can't wait to receive my copy.
  6. Feb 01-2012 , 05:14PM
    congratulations elizabeth! it is beautiful....it must feel wonderful calling yourself an author. :)
  7. Feb 02-2012 , 09:53AM
    Beautiful! I love this! This is totally gorgeous.
  8. Cat:
    Feb 02-2012 , 10:20AM
    I cannot wait to read your book :) I have admired your work for a while now, you are a big inspiration to me, I would love travel to the U.S and be photographed by you one day...one day xxx ;)
  9. Feb 02-2012 , 11:10AM
    sooo thrilled...thank you all for your kind words & support...xoxoxo
  10. Feb 03-2012 , 10:46AM
    No Brainer - Pre-ordered! CANT WAIT :)
  11. Feb 03-2012 , 06:24PM
    Congrats! I can't wait for my copy to come :)
  12. Feb 10-2012 , 08:17AM
    Congrats Elizabeth! Already pre-ordered too, I really can't wait for it! :D
  13. Feb 15-2012 , 11:53AM
    Congratulations! How exciting!
  14. Jun 17-2012 , 04:49AM
    your book has been the perfect inspiration at just the perfect right time... thank you for sharing yourself and your gift so generously. i will be treasuring (and rereading it) for many moons. x