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  1. Jan 04-2012 , 12:28AM
    Wow, Elizabeth. A truly lovely collection. It makes me that much more excited to hold the bouquet at my own wedding this year.
  2. Jan 04-2012 , 01:21AM
    Tempting flowers...
  3. Jan 04-2012 , 04:35AM
    Absolutely gorgeous!
  4. Ingrid:
    Jan 04-2012 , 08:06AM
    These are absolutely gorgeous. They are like water colors you can't get enough of. I could go on..and on. Beautiful.
  5. Jan 04-2012 , 01:04PM
    simply stunning, I am constantly blown away by the creaminess of the skin tones in your images. seriously beautiful. I'm in love with this collection of images, and the flowers displayed, I have to say, the first is my favourite, in terms of flowers, but they are all amazing. thank you for sharing, - with love, briana
  6. Jan 04-2012 , 02:09PM
    Such a lovely post!! The photos are beautiful!

  7. Jan 04-2012 , 09:39PM
    I really like the idea of just holding one large flower. Very pretty. Thanks for the inspiration.
  8. Jan 05-2012 , 08:28AM
    Fabulous, as always! The colors and textures just seem to jump right out of your photos!
  9. Jan 05-2012 , 09:33AM
    The flowers are really beautiful and they look so vigorous and animated. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Jan 05-2012 , 09:34AM
    The flowers are beautiful and they look vigorous and animated. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Jan 06-2012 , 06:48PM
    Oh, what an absolutely lovely post Elizabeth!
  12. Jan 07-2012 , 08:04PM
    These are usually pretty "standard" wedding shots, but especially by collecting them in a series, they turn into beautiful art. What an inspiration -- I will visit often!
  13. Jan 07-2012 , 10:20PM
    Love all the flowers, they look so fresh and lovely
  14. Jan 12-2012 , 01:19PM
    All of these flowers are beautiful!!! They are the perfect accessory for a wedding :)
  15. Jan 17-2012 , 06:02AM
    [...] credits, from top: Jose Villa on Instagram / Elizabeth Messina for Kiss the Groom / Leo Patrone via Once Wed / Jose Villa via Green Wedding Shoes / Jen Huang via Style Me Pretty / [...]