love is beautiful…xoxo

hair & makeup by TEAM HAIR & MAKEUP
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a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 03-2012 , 04:30PM
    Gorgeous! I'm so jealous of their wedding photos. Mine were less than spectacular... I get really sad about it, so every year on our anniversary I trash my wedding dress (to make me feel better). After mud, water, and colorful crayola bubbles, it still lives! Great photos!
  2. Jan 04-2012 , 04:47AM
    What a beautiful couple!!! And that dress was made for her!!! Awwwwwww
  3. Jan 05-2012 , 12:08PM
    Your photos are always so incredible, so romantic. My favorite is the black and white *almost* kiss.
  4. Jan 06-2012 , 01:28AM
    Charming couple!! So sweet photos!!! Great job!!
  5. Jan 07-2012 , 10:26AM
    beautiful :)
  6. Jan 07-2012 , 10:20PM
    I love all the emotion in these portraits. They are a very handsome couple.