it is always such an honor when a photograph of mine
graces the cover of a magazine….i just adore this lovely
new magazine REVERIE & am so truly thrilled to be on
the cover of their premiere issue…thank you….xoxoxo




a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 18-2012 , 10:32AM
    Gorgeous!! Love lace!

  2. Jan 18-2012 , 05:31PM
    absolutely, amazingly perfect. p.s. i just pre-ordered your book 'The Luminous Portrait" and i am so excited! i didn't even know it was coming out and accidentally stumbled on it while purchasing a different book. i saw the image and knew right a way that it was yours and nearly squealed in excitement (but my son was sleeping, so i HAD to hold it in). i can't even tell you how much i have been looking forward to you publishing a book, i just KNOW it's going to be beyond gorgeous :) yay for April 24th!
  3. Jan 18-2012 , 06:25PM
    It's absolutely stunning Elizabeth! Thank you for being such an inspiration!
  4. Jan 20-2012 , 02:55AM
    [...] And last but certainly not least, a little kiss from kiss the groom. [...]
  5. Jan 31-2012 , 05:33PM
    well deserved! your work is incredible!