the plan:

to throw a sweet little dinner party
for my brother & his wife, who are
expecting their 1st baby…after a good
meal, they’ll cut into a cake to find out
if they are having a boy or a girl……

as a busy working mother, i need a little help…so my mom
was nice enough to bake the secret cake & bring it to the dinner…

tyring to find inspiration for decorating i turned
to one of my favorite magazines DONNA HAY

this was my decorating result…..

and the official baby cakes result-IT’S A GIRL

& i for one cannot wait to meet her

congratulations lauren & jon….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Priscila:
    Jan 18-2012 , 10:01PM
    Congratulations! what a beautiful cake!
    and love the last picture with the pink balloon.
    But did you mean "they're expecting their first baby" instead of "their first party"?
  2. Jan 19-2012 , 06:50AM
    I was just telling my sister how much I love this tradition!! The cake turned out adorable!!! I LOVE your photography by the way! It is absolutely stunning work that you do!
  3. Jan 19-2012 , 08:32AM
    Beautiful photos... so sweet!
  4. Jan 19-2012 , 08:46AM
    Oh my goodness, this is darling! Congratulations and thanks for sharing this great idea.
  5. Jan 19-2012 , 09:40AM
    That is so lovely! Both the idea and the way you did it!
  6. Jan 19-2012 , 10:08AM
    Beautiful. This really made me smile.
  7. Mom:
    Jan 19-2012 , 10:33AM
    Thank you, Liz, for making this such a memorable, sweet event. XOXO
  8. Ingrid:
    Jan 19-2012 , 12:08PM
    What a wonderful idea. The cake collaboration turned out beautiful..and of course I love the photographs.
  9. Xana:
    Jan 19-2012 , 12:12PM
    Would love to make this cake for my friend's baby shower - she's also having a baby girl. Would your mom be willing to share the cake recipe? Thank you ever so much!
  10. Jan 19-2012 , 01:14PM
    This is such a beautiful idea! I will definitely have to keep it in mind for when I become a mommy one day :)
  11. Jan 19-2012 , 02:02PM
    That looks amazing. I wish I could try that cake.
  12. Jan 19-2012 , 10:12PM
    Such a darling cake + post :)
  13. Jan 20-2012 , 12:04AM
    [...] Images via Kiss The Groom [...]
  14. Jan 20-2012 , 11:02AM
    cake recipe from a box;)
  15. Lauren:
    Feb 04-2012 , 10:09PM
    It was as delicious as it was beautiful... I cannot imagine a more special way to find out about our little girl... Thank you so much again for everything :)