a while back a good FRIEND of mine who writes a little blog called SNIPPET & INK told me about an amazing book company she though i would like….soooo, i checked it out & literally fell off my chair….VELVET RAPTOR makes the most scrumptious swoon worthy books….many people don’t know, that before my photography really got going i did lots of little creative odd jobs to make money….for a while when my oldest daughter was a wee one, i made hand made velvet books & sold them to boutique stores…it was truly a labor of love…i know how hard it is to get good velvet that will work with the binding process….i bow down to VELEVT RAPTOR…their books are what my books wishes they could have been….anyhow, i am just happy to live in a world where VELVET RAPTOR exists….last year at WPPI i introduced these books to everyone who came to my presentation…after that several talented photographers starting using their products….now i want to share them with my KISS THE GROOM world….although these are fabulous books if you are a photographer, they are really great for everyone….they’d make a lovely journal or scrap book too… so today i am happy to announce 1 lucky someone will win one of these beautiful books (pictured above)….just leave a comment & double check to make sure you are not on santa’s naughty list…may your day & nights be full of VELVET & PHOTOGRAPHS…..(gown by the CLAIRE PETTIBONE)…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. jo:
    Dec 19-2011 , 08:14PM
    dear santa, pls let me be the lucky one to win this beautiful velvet raptor album for my wedding memories!! xoxo
  2. Dec 19-2011 , 08:30PM
    Such a stunning album. I'd love to add our family memories to one!
  3. Dec 19-2011 , 08:34PM
    I think looking through photo albums is such a tactile experience. Having a velvet album will make the experience all the better.
  4. Dec 19-2011 , 10:48PM
    These are stunning Elizabeth! One of these would be perfect as a keepsake book for my lil'-girl-to-be. I also used to make books as a hobby and give them as gifts. I do wish to make them again some day. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Nilaj:
    Dec 20-2011 , 04:09AM
    To have one of those beautiful books and your amazing works filling every page - it would be my highlight on daily basis!
    Would love to win!

    Thanks for the opportunity Elizabeth.
    Love your works...
  6. Elizabeth:
    Dec 20-2011 , 08:27AM
    My 13 year old daughter has asked for a journal for christmas. Her birthday is in December too and anytime I think of red velvet...I think of her. She is my little angel. Happy Holidays!
  7. Dec 20-2011 , 08:50AM
    Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for introducing them to me!
  8. Dec 20-2011 , 09:41AM
    BEAUTIFUL! I love the look of these, and I love your blog. I hope I win!
  9. Dec 20-2011 , 10:30AM
    Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I cant wait to offer these books to my clients.
  10. Dec 20-2011 , 10:49AM
    beautiful, beautiful books...would love to win one of these! thank you...happy holidays!!
  11. Dec 20-2011 , 11:20AM
    Wow! Thank you for sharing! And Happy Holidays!
  12. Dec 20-2011 , 12:25PM
    They are such beautiful books!
  13. Juliette:
    Dec 20-2011 , 01:01PM
    Beautiful and stunning.
  14. Dec 20-2011 , 05:04PM
    Thank you for sharing this unique company with us! Velvet books bring me back in the lap of my grandmother...and I haven't seen one in quite some time. They are a lovely and timeless design. Happy Holidays to you and yours! xo
  15. Dec 20-2011 , 05:53PM
    Wow! These books are simply divine! Just the thought of my clients having a warm, velvety soft book in their hands while they gush over their images is such a wonderful thought! I'd love to have the opportunity to give one of these a whirl. (The thought it just making me giddy!) Thank you for introducing us to such a fabulous company. Have a happy, healthy holiday!! :)
  16. Dec 20-2011 , 06:02PM
    I met you just before you spoke in NYC at photo expo. You mentioned these beautiful albums at your talk.
  17. christina:
    Dec 20-2011 , 06:08PM
    oooh so beautiful! would love to have this as a baby book to celebrate the life of our little one that's on the way!!
  18. Dec 20-2011 , 06:09PM
    I'm dreaming of a Velvet Christmas....
  19. EL:
    Dec 20-2011 , 06:10PM
    I have loved these since I saw them on the BHLDN website. I'm very picky about photo albums but these seem to be among the kind I dream of.
  20. Dec 20-2011 , 06:38PM
    I promise I have been very good.
    Have a happy Christmas all you good people!
  21. Dec 20-2011 , 07:32PM
    I heard you at WPPI, looks beautiful!!
  22. Monica Hodges:
    Dec 20-2011 , 09:37PM
    Oh my goodness...these are amazing!!! I would love to have one!
    PS...I double-checked-I'm on Santa's nice list, although he did warn
    me that anymore speeding tickets and I won't be next year;)!
  23. Kate:
    Dec 21-2011 , 03:47AM
    Oh my goodness, how absolutely lovely! I have my fingers and toes crossed to win this stunning book!
  24. Dec 21-2011 , 08:34AM
    Gorgeous. I would love to offer these to my clients. I may even try to make one like you did...
  25. katy d:
    Dec 21-2011 , 08:52AM
    oh pleeeease pick me! i've been OBSESSED with velvet raptor ever since kathryn posted about them on S&I. this would make the most gorgeous wedding album for my wedding coming up! :-)
  26. Dec 21-2011 , 10:28AM
    Fingers are crossed. xoxoxo
  27. Becky:
    Dec 21-2011 , 11:22AM
    bellissima... grazie!
  28. Dec 22-2011 , 11:24AM
    I have never heard of these, but that picture alone makes me think I desperately need one! Beautiful!
  29. Dec 22-2011 , 12:00PM
    Delicious! What an amazing book!! I used to make books as well :)
  30. Essie:
    Dec 22-2011 , 10:12PM
    Beautiful books!
  31. Stephanie:
    Dec 22-2011 , 10:35PM
    I would love one of these books, beautiful!!
  32. Dec 23-2011 , 01:02AM
    Velvet Raptor it is and hopefully it will be mine :D
  33. Timms:
    Dec 23-2011 , 04:15AM
    What a beautiful way to store memories. A wedding journal filled with pieces of ribbon and lace, all your ideas and few special pictures from your day. Or a travel journal with sketches, pictures, tickets and luggage tags.......heavenly. Good luck to you all....its truely an amazing gift xx
  34. Dec 23-2011 , 04:35AM
    Some great pictures, congratulations
  35. Lois:
    Dec 23-2011 , 05:28AM
    I saw this on Kathryn's Snippet and Ink blog and have had it on my wish list ever since. Maybe I'll win for my daughter's wedding Feb. '12!
  36. Dec 23-2011 , 07:17AM
    What a gorgeous book. Love them, off to check them out. Thank you for sharing.
  37. Miranda:
    Dec 23-2011 , 03:21PM
    OH my OH my OH my! I would just love to have this!
  38. Glauce lima:
    Dec 25-2011 , 01:31PM
    One for me, please
  39. jessica:
    Dec 30-2011 , 09:23AM
    Would love to have this! Beautiful! Happy Holidays!