so many people i know are expecting right now….
it brings up such feelings of longing for me…now let
me be clear, i have a full house & i am oh so happy….
although my mind is clear that 3 is plenty…i do miss the
sweet lilt of a newborn in my arms….to all of you blessed
with a bun in the oven, i am thinking of you…& if you
come around me, can i please hold your baby??

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 19-2011 , 10:17PM
    You can come by and hold mine anytime, although he's now 1 and pretty wiggly :)
  2. Ingrid:
    Dec 20-2011 , 11:29AM
    It's as if you had read my mind and wrote this post. So true..you get to missing a little one your arms and smelling that baby scent. I love my children dearly and treausre their journeys. One almost a man now and the little one almost a young girl..so for now I'll wait like you to hold someone else's little one and smile with nostalgia.
  3. Jan 20-2012 , 04:00PM
    my little girl will be here in just a few weeks and i will definitely let you know when she makes her arrival. i moved a lot closer to you ;-) so perhaps we can get together and you can hold miss olive while we catch up!! xoxo