when i was younger the phrase “love life” was so full of mystery & romance…i wondered if i’d ever have a “love life”…then there were the in between years…filled with longing & heartbreak…my so called “love life” sure wasn’t what i thought it would be…now i can say with sincerity & to be honest a little bit of surprise…i LOVE my LIFE…so that is it…”love life” is so much more than a kiss (although i am a big fan is a proper kiss)…it is loving the life we have…now my life is admittedly a big mess(literally) most of the time…i have bad days, sleepless nights, things i need to work on etc…but HAPPINESS is not the absence of all the is wrong in your life, but rather accepting & cherishing all if it…the good the bad & the ugly…and the kisses & laughter & jeans that won’t fit..it is, for me about being exactly where i am…so today is a good day….today is our wedding anniversary & i am feeling all kinds of lucky…to all my single girls out there, let me tell you that i had lots of single (& often sad) years…what i know is this…LOVE is possible…not the kind that hurts your feelings…but the kind that just is…well, a mess….a big beautiful mess….something happened this morning that pretty much sums it up for me…our youngest daughter crawled into our bed at about 5:30 am….she had, peed in her bed…again….her little warm sweet body snuggled up to me & we lay together half awake….she looked over at the pile of sheets, blankets & pillows that covered her father (he likes to sleep completely buried in the bedding) & she looked thoughtfully back at me….then she said, quite matter-a-factly “dad sleeps like a mouse”….i laughed so hard i nearly woke him up…so that’s it…her bed full of pee, awaiting another trip through the washer & drier…my husband wrapped up in the sheet like a mouse(this is extra funny because my husband is a tall athletic man, nothing at all like a mouse)…it is in these simple absurdities that fill  my life that i have found my “love life”…wishing everyone a life full of love & laughter…& mr moore…i love you so very much…thank you for…everything….xoxo


for those of you who may need to get ahold of me…i am planning
on not answering the phone or returning any emails…i am gonna
celebrate & hang out with the “mouse” all day long today…

xoxo, mrs moore

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 17-2011 , 12:03PM
    What a beautiful explanation of the understanding of 'love life'-it brought a smile to my face. Wishing you & the mouse man the happiest of anniversaries!
  2. ingrid:
    Nov 17-2011 , 12:16PM
    Sure to be one of my favorite posts for a long time. Thank you for sharing such an honest and funny moment in your life now.. just beautiful. I hope you and the mouse have a day filled with love, messes and laughter today. Happy Anniversary..to both of you.
  3. Nov 17-2011 , 01:16PM
    Hahaha!!! I love it, Elizabeth. We've got twins that are a year and a half...nearing potty training. I think I will soon be able to relate. Happy anniversary to you and your mouse. :)
  4. Nov 17-2011 , 01:17PM
    That collage of your images definitely captures the essence of "love life". Happy Anniversary, Elizabeth & Mouse! MLH xx
  5. Nov 17-2011 , 02:04PM
    What a lovely post... Happy Anniversary! :)
  6. Nov 17-2011 , 02:10PM
    Ahh I can't get enough of your blog. I find myself sitting here with a huge grin reading your words on love. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being so open. Being in love...like the love you described today...is a love I can hardly wait for! Happy Anniversary Elizabeth : )
  7. k*:
    Nov 17-2011 , 03:12PM
    I can't stop laughing at the thought of mr. moore wrapped up as a mouse....
    happy happy day... happy happy wife... happy happy life. wishing you both lots of love :)
  8. Nov 17-2011 , 08:29PM
    I love your personal posts the best. So true and well said. I appreciate that especially now, as a mother, how life is so precious and filled with joy, even when you are sleep deprived, struggling with something, or whatever- and my little one will have his "sleeps like a mouse" moment and all is right and happy. thank you for the reminder and for sharing. and happy anniversary. xx
  9. Nov 18-2011 , 04:09AM
    sitting here with a big teary smile at the emotion in your post.. reminds my im so in love with your photos and your vision and how you manage to see what is truly important to the very lucky people you photograph x
  10. shahara:
    Nov 18-2011 , 06:48AM
    i love you...you're awesome...happy anniversary! :)
  11. Nov 18-2011 , 12:28PM
    Beautiful post Elizabeth! Happy Anniversary!!
  12. Nov 19-2011 , 03:59PM
    you're so beautiful. i don't know how you can stand it. the way you capture life is so magical.