years ago, after i graduated from art school i spent 6 months
by myself photographing & wandering through india…i am so
thrilled to be heading back…INDIA is a magical place…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 28-2011 , 02:17AM
    I hope you have an amazing time in India for the second time around! I went two years ago and only just finished my photos. Here is a link ( to some shots I took in India, they might help to 'up' your excitement levels even more. Happy travels :)
  2. Nov 28-2011 , 07:22AM
    Great images!
  3. Nov 28-2011 , 10:07AM
    hello my friend... Life has been sooo full of late that I just haven't been able to keep up. However for a treat I will pop into your blog now and then and read your beautiful words and see your lovely images. You really have a gift for summing up life's sweet moments! Have a great time in India, I have a dream of someday going there. It does seem a magical place!
    Best to you and your precious family,
  4. Nov 28-2011 , 03:20PM
    Beautiful, Poignant images. The photos of the elderly widows I am guessing are from somewhere up north... Varanasi or Vrindavan?
  5. Nov 29-2011 , 06:19AM
    That second shot gives me the chills!!!
  6. Nov 29-2011 , 02:25PM
    That is so amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time documenting your trip again! :)
  7. Dec 04-2011 , 03:16AM
    These are wonderful photos, they have a magic warmth and I guess that's part of what makes you go back there.