embrace the feminine….celebrate lace….
treasure¬†the heirlooms in you life….xoxo



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 14-2011 , 11:59AM
    Simply Divine. I just can't wait to see more of "you know what." Awesome, Elizabeth!
  2. Nov 14-2011 , 01:53PM
    Absolutely stunning photography, I am in awe. Thank you for sharing your talent.
  3. Nov 14-2011 , 02:15PM
    So soft and chic!


  4. Nov 15-2011 , 02:26AM
    wow love these pics... pure beauty!
  5. Nov 15-2011 , 05:41AM
    These are just absolutely stunning!! Each one is like a beautiful painting. And those lips ....incredible xx
  6. Nov 16-2011 , 10:45AM
    Bestill my beating heart. Love love love... gushing over here!
  7. Nov 16-2011 , 12:02PM
    Totally sexy. The groom will really drool if he sees his bride wearing one of these!
  8. Nov 17-2011 , 09:15AM
    Stunningly beautiful...I cannot get over the beauty of the lingerie and the way you've captured every image perfectly! Awesome!
  9. Nov 18-2011 , 05:24AM
    What gorgeous lingerie!! and images :)
  10. Nov 19-2011 , 09:04AM
    talk about vision! you are on a whole other level. Stunning set.
  11. Nov 22-2011 , 12:31AM
    Amazing photography, wonderful model but the standout is definitely the ultra classy but undeniably sexy Heirloom Lingerie
  12. Nov 22-2011 , 09:05AM
    OMG these images are so fresh and elegant, really lovely! And the lace is gorgeous!
  13. Nov 23-2011 , 11:17AM
    this is the most stunning shoot I ever saw from you! Im speechless, smitten and OBSESSED! Thank you and congrats on such brilliance!!!!!!!!!
  14. Nov 29-2011 , 11:18AM
    wow, this is amazing beauty!
  15. Jul 03-2012 , 11:23AM
    Elizabeth, this is so lovely. I am reading your book and literally can feel the magic of the light coming through the window in these pictures. Simply wonderful!
  16. joey:
    Oct 12-2013 , 10:22AM
    Elizabeth! This is still my all time fav :)