a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 08-2011 , 02:55PM
    so so gorgeous! beautiful kids and beautiful photos..
  2. Ingrid:
    Nov 08-2011 , 06:22PM
    They are such beautiful children. Your photos of them are so full of beauty and love.
  3. Nov 09-2011 , 12:52AM
    Your photos are amazing, and your kids so beautiful! Always find my inspiration looking at your work! There is so much love in there!
  4. Nov 09-2011 , 04:54AM
    That last one's my favorite. It's like a dream you only kind of remember...I think that's how we'll feel looking back on so much of our kids' childhood
  5. Nov 09-2011 , 08:14AM
    Love it. You just gave me an idea for some photos. Thanks. And love those pictures.
  6. Nov 09-2011 , 09:20AM
    You have the most gorgeous family!!! Thank you for sharing with us. OXOXOXO
  7. Nov 09-2011 , 10:12AM
    Such a beautiful family!
  8. Nov 09-2011 , 01:06PM
    This is absolutely divine, Elizabeth. Magic magic magic. I love all you do, my friend :)
  9. Nov 09-2011 , 08:16PM
    love <3 this photo. For me, This is one of those photos I imagine how a mom will be touched when she revisits 20 years from now. just priceless. you are an amazing artist. thank you for daring to be you.