so here is the thing…i was born in new york…

i moved away when i was very young, so i am not really a new yorker…but still, i love it…i am mesmerized by the beauty, the diversity, the vibe…& i secretly love when people ask my where i was born…because it is just so fun to say “new york”…i secretly think i somehow belong here…it is my home away from home…& yes i am a california girl & love my sunshine filled life..but somewhere in my heart i also fancy myself a new yorker…i secretly think new york is crushing on me a little on me too…a girl can dream….(come back next week, i’m gonna share some of my favorite new york spots)

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Ingrid:
    Oct 25-2011 , 05:13PM
    I can't wait to see your post. I adore New York and smile when asked where I was born too. I'll always call it home. Wanted to hear you speak this week but was not able to. I look forward to the photos. I think New York has a flavor all it's own and while I no longer live heart will always remain there.
  2. Oct 25-2011 , 05:41PM
    oooo mee tooo! can't wait to see what you share!
  3. Oct 26-2011 , 10:09AM
    Can't wait - love the image :)
  4. Oct 26-2011 , 11:14AM
    Looking forward to it! Such a lovely image!!!

  5. Jul 18-2012 , 05:45PM
    Beautiful photograph. I too secretly love being asked where I'm from. ^-^