“If music be the food of loveplay on.”

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 08-2011 , 09:26AM
    Elizabeth, you succeed each and every time at portraying beauty in such a pure and elegant way. I am so thankful to be inspired by your work.
  2. Aug 08-2011 , 09:48AM
    Do you ever take ugly photos?! I am in love with your style. I've spent the afternoon gazing at this portrait of screen siren Evelyn Brent and it looks like something you could've done: http://bit.ly/oeuqcI
  3. Aug 09-2011 , 04:06AM
    Really beautiful!
  4. Aug 09-2011 , 12:32PM
    You take these photos?! I had NO idea. They are GORGEOUS!
  5. Aug 10-2011 , 08:29PM
    OOOOhhhh I love these shots!! Beautiful pictures!
  6. Aug 11-2011 , 07:34AM
    Love her dress...it is so stylish
  7. Aug 11-2011 , 10:31AM
    GORGEOUS! I love these... you never cease to amaze me! xoxo
  8. Aug 11-2011 , 02:33PM
    Wow, I love this series! Where were the photos taken?