years ago while photographing in an abandoned temple in india….
i found myself the subject of a curious group of young men….they had gathered
behind me & watched as i photographed….i was a bit nervous….alone in a foreign
country….although there was a language barrier, i gestured to them to get into my
shot (which the happily obliged)….the beauty of that moment for me was profound…
i had turned an uncomfortable moment into photograph that i have cherished ever
since…there was no staging at all, other than my suggesting they get in the shot…
they spread out & stood like this on their own, i could not have planned it better…
the beauty of perspective lies in how you look at a situation….xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 30-2011 , 10:19AM
    what a gorgeous photo! thanks for sharing it and the story behind it. sometimes the most beauty is found in the unexpected or unplanned!
  2. Aug 30-2011 , 10:31AM
    Stunning light and composition.
  3. Aug 30-2011 , 10:41AM
    Love the story behind this moment in time and the image you produced in turn.
  4. Aug 30-2011 , 11:21AM
    great moment and it reminds me of my travels in the Middle East and North Africa.
  5. Aug 30-2011 , 11:32AM
    What a lovely photo & story.
  6. Aug 30-2011 , 11:50AM
    unreal how beautiful this is!
  7. Aug 30-2011 , 01:11PM
    Wonderful story and wonderful photo! I always say the best souvenirs from a person's travels are the photos they take on the journey...this photo is the perfect proof of that! Thank you for sharing it! :)
  8. Aug 30-2011 , 02:30PM
    I love the story behind this photography. It's so beautiful photo, subjects, and story!
  9. Aug 30-2011 , 03:00PM
    This is amazing. So very amazing!!!!
  10. Aug 30-2011 , 04:06PM
    the zen of feeling the feelings and digging deeper for a new perspective. good reminder. BEAUTIFUL photo. thx.
  11. Aug 30-2011 , 04:07PM
    the zen of feeling the feelings and letting go revealing a new perspective. good reminder. BEAUTIFUL photo. thx.
  12. Aug 30-2011 , 07:31PM
    Beautiful light and great story. I'd cherish that photo too...
  13. Monica:
    Aug 30-2011 , 08:30PM
    I have to say that your work is always amazing and cannot be duplicated. This is moving.
  14. Aug 30-2011 , 08:39PM
    Wow! This shot is beautiful; and what an interesting story about the gentlemen in the photo. The light is superb.

  15. Aug 31-2011 , 03:27PM
    i love this.
  16. Aug 31-2011 , 09:13PM
  17. Sep 08-2011 , 10:02PM
    Oh wow, amazing! Your work is spectacular.
  18. Tanya A.:
    Sep 14-2011 , 05:19PM
    Gorgeous photo and a really good reminder. Thank you again! :)