my baby is fourteen years old today….it is inconceivable to me that the beautiful young woman who lives in my house is the same tiny baby i fell is love with so many years ago….and yet somehow it is so…she is a long limbed graceful girl & is now & will always be my baby…i still feel the same tenderness & awe when observe her….she is remarkable…many people don’t know that she was gravely ill as a baby….she stopped breathing when she was just days old & we spent three terrifying weeks in the hospital….she had bacterial meningitis….i lived day & night by her side in a chair next to her hospital bed…tubes & machines surrounded us….it was like an awful dream i could not wake out of…& then she was better…she not only survived but miraculously has grown & prospered in spite of the odds against her….she is strong & yet quite possibly the sweetest person i have ever known…she saved me, as if she new she had to get better….for i could not have survived any other out come…she saved me…made me a mother…taught me how to love & be self-less….there is not a single day that goes by that i do not realize how lucky we are….as her long limbs curl up on the sofa or bound out of the car heading for class, she does not know that a piece of my heart is always with her….nuzzled somewhere near her heart…motherhood is so humbling & eye opening….it’s heartbreaking & miraculous….my baby is not a baby anymore…but i still love to watch her sleep, to see the slow even rise & fall of her breath….it is today as i celebrate my beautiful daughter’s birthday, that i think of all the mother’s with sick children…i can & cannot imagine how hard it is….i wish you well…strength & peace…today i count my blessings & wish all mothers many blessings throughout the journey of raising another human being & watching a little piece of your heart find their way in the world….xoxo


happy birthday mykela…may your 14th
year be as lovely as you are…..i love you

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 06-2011 , 12:56AM
    Happy Birthday Mykela!!
  2. Aug 06-2011 , 01:11AM
    Sweet, sweet baby... She will always be YOUR baby. Happy birthday, sweet babe. :)
  3. Aug 06-2011 , 07:32AM
    Such a sweet & powerful testimony. My 36th birthday was yesterday & I was a premie baby that wasn't suppose to make it....But by his Grace & Mercy I am here.
    Happy 14th birthday Mykela, you are a beautiful young lady!
  4. Aug 06-2011 , 07:47AM
    Tears streaming down my face, Elizabeth. The raw emotion you shared is palpable. Thank you for being so honest. Happy birthday to your beautiful first-born baby girl!
  5. Aug 06-2011 , 12:30PM
    Happy Birthday, Mykela!!!!
    Elizabeth - I was so impressed by your daughter. She was so sweet, respectful, patient and kind during the shoot. I can tell that you're an amazing mother to have such an amazing daughter!
  6. Aug 06-2011 , 01:23PM
    What a beautiful post ! Happy birthday Mykela!
  7. Aug 06-2011 , 02:55PM
    so true.. motherhood is heart-braking and miraculous.. been there also: with all machines, tubes, surgeons and all that fear for my daughter too.. so thank you for sharing this beautiful post. And happy birthday Mykela!
  8. Mom:
    Aug 06-2011 , 03:26PM
    Happy Birthday to my sweet beautiful granddaughter and congratulations to my own sweet beautiful daughter for being such a wonderful mother. XOXO
  9. Aug 06-2011 , 04:04PM
    This is the sweetest message about the love of a mother for her daughter I've ever read!
  10. Aug 06-2011 , 04:53PM
    Happy Birthday Mykela!!! xo
  11. Aug 06-2011 , 10:51PM
    I see so many parents lose sight of the absolute miracle and GIFT of their child as they grow. When they are close to the recent memory of birth, it's easy to gaze in awe as the child sleeps. You inspire me to REMEMBER to stop and soak up the MIRACLE of the lives of my children (when I have them, someday...) as they grow and develop years away from their births. Your children are so fortunate to be loved so well!
  12. Aug 06-2011 , 10:59PM
    This made me cry... Happy tears of course.
  13. Aug 07-2011 , 08:23AM
    Happy Birthday Mykela!!!!! You have an amazing mother to help guide you through life. You are both so very blessed to have each other. Hope you had a wonderful day!
  14. Aug 07-2011 , 04:20PM
    This is so beautiful. Happy birthday to life, love, beginnings, and Mykela!
  15. Elizabeth:
    Aug 07-2011 , 09:16PM
    I wish Mykela a wonderful 14th year of life! Being 14 isn't always easy, but she's lucky to have a wise and loving mother at her side. Your post reminded me of this poem that hangs on my mom's fridge: (sorry, could never find the author's name):

    Mother is a little girl who trod my path before me;
    Just a bigger, wiser little girl who ran ahead-
    Bigger, wiser, stronger girl who always watches o'er me,
    One who knows the pitfalls and the rugged road I tread.

    Mother is a playmate who will always treat me kindly-
    Playmate who will yield me what true happiness demands.
    She will never let my feet stray into brambles blindly-
    Mother's just a bigger little girl who understands.

    Mother is an older little playmate who'll befriend me-
    Yesteryear she traveled in the path that's mine today.
    Never need I fear a foe from which she might defend me-
    Faithful little pal who ran ahead and learned the way.
  16. Aug 08-2011 , 11:38AM
    i knew she was a stunning baby - isn't motherhood the most amazing joyful scary delightful crazy journey ever!!! xo
  17. Aug 08-2011 , 12:35PM
    that is the most tender note, that resonates so strongly with me - and probably many mothers. a little piece of our hearts, making their way through the simple and true. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Aug 11-2011 , 01:17AM
    Hope it was wonderful. Here's to many many MANY more birthday crowns and timeless moments.