what does love look like to you?

pick up the new issue of MUNALUCHI & prepare to fall in love…xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 05-2011 , 12:22AM
    OMG Amazing Dress!
  2. Aug 05-2011 , 04:16AM
    Thanks for the post Elizabeth! Can't wait to share your amazing feature! J
  3. Aug 05-2011 , 05:34AM
    super happy to see this post! can't wait to see the new issue!!! xo
  4. Aug 05-2011 , 08:14AM
    WOAH!!!!!!! Gorgeous!
  5. Aug 05-2011 , 03:40PM
    love by elizabeth is tres, tres jolie.
    k x
  6. Aug 06-2011 , 01:01PM
    the images, the dress and flowers and her gorgeous, gorgeous skin so incredibly beautiful! xx
  7. Aug 07-2011 , 02:59AM
    This is stunning! Her skin is absolutely gorgeous. Love the dress, too!
  8. Aug 07-2011 , 12:24PM
    Gorgeous !
  9. Aug 08-2011 , 06:06AM
    What a stunning gown.
  10. Sep 20-2012 , 06:02AM
    wow! this dress is amazing! love the color